Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 19 | Middle Grade (continues)

Do you own a cat and if so, how do you prevent it from nibbling on your books?

I ask this because my household got a cat a couple weeks ago. It’s the most curious, friendly cat I’ve ever met. I’ve always thought that cats were aloof; you know, stuck up and giving zero fucks about cuddling up next to you. But this one likes such things. He loves to play and to be petted. He LOVES attention. I didn’t expect that at all.

He also loves to smell everything. Is that typical of cats? When he comes into my room, he smells every nook and cranny (that’s how I realized that certain areas were dusty because he sneezed…never heard a cat sneeze before). Once he saw some books on my chair and began to nibble on them. That’s a big no-no for me. So I told him to get out. Of course, he just paused to look at me before going back to nibbling. I had to take the book from him. He doesn’t bother the books on my shelves, so far, but he sure loves cords and the random wayward book laying on the bed or the chair. For some reason, though, he doesn’t bother the Funko Pops on my shelves. Weird cat.

Anyway, we’re touring the second bookcase in my room.

And we’re now on the third shelf from the bottom, which also has my middle grade books. You’ll also see a few YA books mixed in. Let’s take a look:

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