Fall 2020 TBR

It’s been a while since I’ve made a TBR because I never follow them; but fall is here!! It’s one of my favorite seasons and since I’m in a good mood and have already had two pumpkin spice lattes since October started, I thought I’d do one of my favorite blogging things — make a TBR!!

For me, fall is from October to about mid-December, so I’ll try to focus on these books for that time. I’ve already started a few, so I’m optimistic that I’ll complete at least 2 of the books on this list.

I’ll also participate in Spooktastic Reads, which is a laid-back reading and blogging event hosted by the Wyrd & Wonder crew over the 13 days leading up to Halloween, and will read some of these for that event too.

Well then, here’s what I plan to read:

Books I’ve already started

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