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I’m in the mood to do a book tag so since I love to reread, I decided to do this one that I found over on Kristin Kraves Books.

The Reread Tag was created by Brianna at Brianna’s Books and Randomness, and it’s a perfect one for me. I love to reread and often do so. I think it is the reason why I haven’t read as many books as I wish I did because I keep on revisiting ones I’ve read before. I like re-experiencing stories I love or revisiting books that intrigued me when I first read them to see if I pick up on new details. I even revisit books I dislike and end up loving them on reread, or still hating them. Rereading is just another great way to experience books.

A childhood favourite that you could read 100 times and still love

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

I put this down as my answer while wondering if that’s really true because it has been some time since I last reread it. However, I strongly believe that if I should reread it now, I’ll still fall under its spell and love it. It’s one of the first fantasy novels I remember reading, and it holds a special place in my bookish heart.

A book you DNF’d but would be willing to give a second chance to

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I blame my mood for me DNF’ing it when I attempted to read it last year. The premise sounds right up my alley. I should have loved it and been hooked from the beginning, so I was shocked when I found it hard to engage with the story. I was easily distracted from it. I will give it another try before totally giving up.

A newer favorite you would reread

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

It’s a standalone fantasy novel about a young half-goblin who suddenly becomes emperor of his father’s elvish kingdom. I’ve already been considering rereading it by audiobook. I just want to read about Maia, the protagonist, again.

A book you hated and never want to read again

She by H. Rider Haggard

A classic novel about two English guys who go off on an adventure to find out if the legend of a white sorceress ruling over an African tribe is true. It was an interesting read, but it was racist, sexist, and all the other “ists”. I don’t need to read it again.

A classic you read in school but want to try again

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I read the Great Gatsby for a high school class and hated it. But when I read it on my own after college, I loved it. I didn’t care for the story, but I loved the prose, so I’m optimistic about Lord of the Flies. Maybe I’ll like it now, although I hated it back then.

An author you would reread anything from

Terry Pratchett

The more Discworld books I read, the more convinced I become that this will become one of my favorite series. They are such fun reads! Discworld is a fantasy series set in a world called Discworld, which is a flat world that sits atop four elephants that stand on the back of a huge turtle that is flying through space. The stories are sometimes silly and always fun, and I get the impression that you can jump in with any book.

A series you want to reread for the fun of it

Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks

I was actually thinking to do this a couple days ago because I missed Kylar and Durzo’s bad-assery. The Night Angel trilogy are fantasy books about a street urchin who becomes a notorious assassin. It’s one of the coolest assassin books I’ve read. Very entertaining for me.

A book you’ve read but want to listen to the audiobook

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw

It’s a book of short stories about Black women’s experiences. It’s often snarky and darkly funny and a good read. I actually started it by listening to the audiobook before turning to the physical book so that I could pay close attention to the prose, but I’d like to return to the audiobook on reread. I love the narrator’s voice.

That’s it for me.

Are you a rereader too?


38 thoughts on “Reread Tag

  1. I love rereads! I am new to blogging and WordPress, and I just came across your blog. I love it. Once I get my site up and running, I’ll definitely try out this tag 🙂


    1. Consider yourself tagged, if you want to do it too 😊 the Night Angel books have some faults, but I had a great time reading them. I just love the ninja-assassin vibe of the protag and his mentor.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m really starting to like book tags. I can’t wait to try it myself. You have such a variety of books here too.. there’s something for everyone. Thank you for all the hard work! ☺


    1. It’s a fun experience, although it can also be discouraging when you realize a childhood fav is no longer a fav, still rereading is good because you pick up on more details.


  3. I’ve reread Lord of the flies a few times, though my last was a dnf.
    I’m more likely to finish a reread the closer to the first read.
    I think I reread slaughter house five,,,,, three or four times after the first read.
    And a book I didn’t like initially- brave new world, took a few hours before my initial disappointment and dismay at it’s placing on the 100 greatest list turned to agreement, is a good book.
    I wanted happier ending dystopian!
    Actually it took a while to figure out why I didn’t initially like this book!
    And would recommend this book to anyone contemplating moving to the country /small island,
    this is what it’s like!!


    1. Lol! Did you end up finding a happier ending dystopian in another book? I think Station Eleven ended on a lighter note… not really a dystopian, but it is one of those apocalypse stories.


      1. Perhaps the bible kinda has a happy ending!
        Conditions though!!
        And apparently loopholes!!!
        Touching the gown of a newly elected Pope, maybe even just been there.
        One can always live in hope 👯‍♂️


  4. This cover of lord of the flies is interesting!

    Although I haven’t done it much in the past years, I am definately a rereader!! Basically, My 5stars reviews depend on if i’d want to reread them or if once was enough ahaha 😅


  5. I haven’t generally been a rereader because I keep latching onto the new and shiny. But I have reread the Lord of the Rings a few times, and there are some books I plan on rereading (The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, etc). I’ve also been feeling increasing urges to reread some of my favorite books from when I was younger and first getting into fantasy/sci-fi to see how I feel about them now. Not sure when I’ll start doing that, but I suspect I will at some point.


    1. Oh that would be cool to reread childhood favs. They can be hit or miss, and often the hit is due to nostalgia, but it’s still a good experience to revisit them. I also think that’s a great post to do, if you choose, on your childhood fav fantasy/scifi books. 🙂


  6. I would choose Pratchett too! 😍 I have read a lot of his book, but sometimes I have done it without rhyme or reason, and now I am taking my time going back to his book with an order. At the moment I have re-read the books I have previously read in the City Watch series and I have proceeded with the one I was missing. I am almost at the end of it, and then it would be the turn of another sub-series. Sooner or later I would read (and re-read them all!!!)


    1. Oh I look forward to those City Watch ones. I’ve read 3 of the Witches ones so far and am currently reading Color of Magic, which I’m actually struggling with. I didn’t expect that.

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