Pancake Book Tag

Aha! Yes! I am back with another book tag for my weeklong birthday celebration BOOK TAG WEEK!!! 🤣🥳🤣🥳

Since it’s my birthday week, I thought that I should do a tag centered on one of my favorite foods — pancakes! 😊 Every year on my birthday, I take time off to visit a restaurant for brunch, and that restaurant MUST serve pancakes because that’s all I want to eat on my birthday. Hence, I often end up at an IHOP, lol. I spend the day enjoying pancakes or waffles or French toasts. I love all three.

So here’s the Pancake Book Tag. It was created by Becky at Blogs of a Bookaholic.

I love me some pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar. I find it so teasing; teasing me with its sweetness before I even pour the syrup.

The Book of Hidden Things by Francesco Dimitri (transl.)

It’s a fantasy novel that the author translated himself from the Italian. It’s about four friends who made a pact after high school to always reunite once a year on the same date in their hometown in Puglia, Italy. But this time, one of the guys doesn’t show up. The other three, who’ve been hearing weird rumors about their missing friend, decide to search for him.

The Book of Hidden Things is a beautifully written story that’s both atmospheric and transportive. It’s easy to get swept up in it and to feel as if you’re in southern Italy enduring the intensity of its blazing sun or the mugginess of Suicide Sirocco, a hot wind that blows in from the sea and brings bad thoughts with it. The story is a great read, and I highly recommend it.

I’ve never tried pancakes with lemon drizzle! Maybe I’ll try to find somewhere that serves this tomorrow.

Phèdre nó Delaunay, Comtesse de Montrève

Phèdre quickly came to mind since I am currently reading Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey, the second novel in a fantasy trilogy about a young woman who is marked as being chosen by one of her country’s gods, Kushiel. I find it hard to briefly describe this trilogy. There’s so much to it — the mythology of the land, which Phèdre deeply believes; the political intrigues that drives the plot and that Phèdre is deeply involved in; and the D’Angeline culture, “Love as thou wilt.”

I’m really enjoying reading these books and now consider Carey one of my favorite authors. I mean, I haven’t yet completed Kushiel’s Chosen and am already thinking of it as one of my favorite books. I like the characters, certainly love Phèdre and Josceline (although he frustrates me in this book), and I love the way Carey writes as well as how much world history and culture inspires the world building in this story. I highly recommend it.

Regarding this tag category, Phèdre is smart and witty and has to be so because she is a courtier and spy in addition to being a servant of Naamah (a goddess) and chosen by Kushiel (a god).

I actually don’t like chocolate drizzle. I’m not big on chocolate, I’m slowly realizing; but I do love me some hot chocolate.

Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

The Tea Dragon series is a middle grade, fantasy graphic novel series about a society of people who care for tea dragons, miniature dragons that grow tea leaves from their horns. The story is sweet and the illustrations are cute, and I just love it all so much. I highly recommend the series if you haven’t yet tried it. So far, only two books are out — Tea Dragon Society and Tea Dragon Festival. The third book will be out in June, I believe.

Who doesn’t like syrup on their pancakes? It’s blasphemy to state that anywhere on my blog!
I used to eat pancakes with honey when I was younger. But my aunt’s awful tonics for colds have spoiled honey for me and now I can’t bear the taste of it.

Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb

I’m having a hard time trying to recall a book that gave me a book hangover that’s not a Robin Hobb book, lol. I mention Hobb in just about every book tag I do, so I sometimes try not to but never succeed.

Just about all Hobb’s books gave me a book hangover; the last book in each trilogy certainly does. And, I mean, I guess it’s expected because her stories are so detailed and emotionally heavy and captivating. No matter how fast or slow I read them, I always get hooked and have a hangover by the end.

The Liveship Traders books are the second trilogy set in the larger Realm of the Elderlings series. It focuses on a merchant family that sails a liveship, a ship whose figurehead is alive. It’s weird, but I didn’t like this trilogy when I started it; but now I love it. I love how the world widens in this book, and I love the characters’ development as well.

Oh my gosh! I love strawberries on my pancakes, yum! But I don’t like cream, so strawberries sans cream for me! 😊🙃

The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro & Daniel Kraus

Definitely The Shape of Water, which is one of my favorite books. Oh my gosh! I love the writing SO much! It’s one of those books I knew I’d love after reading the first sentence. Granted, I did watch the movie first (because the movie was made first) and loved it, so I guess it’s a given that I’d love the book too; but what sold me on the book was its prose, and it captivated me from the first line. Also, the book gives more depth to the characters, including the villain, which I appreciated as well. If you haven’t yet seen the movie or read the book, I highly recommend both to you.

Oh! Totally forgot to mention what it’s about: The Shape of Water is a historical fiction novel with a touch of magical realism about a mute woman who falls in love with an amphibious man.

I guess, from the instruction for this one, I should give blueberries a chance. I don’t know what it is I don’t like about them, but I find them annoying. I’m often annoyed when I find them in the food I’m eating, like “WHY??!!”

Tracker from Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

Tracker is the protagonist in James’s first fantasy novel, which is inspired by African folklores. Black Leopard, Red Wolf is the first in a series and is about a man called Tracker who’s hired to find a boy, who we learn from the first page is dead. The story is about how things got to that point.

Tracker comes off as hard and crass but can be quite considerate and even loving. I immediately liked his feistiness, but it took a while for me to warm to the characters and the story itself, which is quite dark and often seems gratuitously so.

Hmm… banana. I actually don’t like banana things as a topping; however, I LOVE banana pancakes! My aunt often made them for me and my cousin when we were kids. So thick and yummy! 😊

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic was the first book to come to mind because I recently completed it and was frustrated by it because I couldn’t pin down where the plot was going. Because of that, I wasn’t much interested in the story, and the characters didn’t appeal to me either. I didn’t realize that this book was actually made up of several short stories of the main characters’ adventures until someone commented to mention that, so that helped my understanding and made me more patient with the book than I otherwise would have been.

It’s the first novel in the Discworld series, fantasy novels set in a flat world that rest atop the backs of four elephants that stand on the back of a turtle that’s flying through space.

I. Love. BACON!!!

Fitz and Molly from the Realm of the Elderlings series

I was not a fan of this pairing when I read the Farseer trilogy, which is about the bastard son of a prince who becomes an assassin’s apprentice. That bastard son is called Fitz and he falls in love with a common girl named Molly. I like Fitz and I like Molly, but I didn’t like them together. However, as the series went on and we got to the last trilogy in it — Fitz and the Fool trilogy — I started to like them together.

I have NEVER had pancake with peanut butter before! I wonder if I’d like this combination.

Homelander from The Boys comic book and TV show

The dude is a psycho. He’s the creepiest superman character I’ve ever read about or watched on TV. Ugh! He’s creepy in the comics, and I think Anthony Starr does a great job portraying him in the TV show.

The Boys is a sci-fi superhero story about a group that tries to police superheroes. It’s a dark, violent story, but I like it.

I’m picky. I don’t like EVERYTHING on my pancakes.

Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

It’s YA supernatural historical fiction with a diverse cast of characters. It’s actually the second novel in the Diviners series, which is set in the 1920s and is about a girl who can see into the past of the objects she touches. The story is told from several perspectives, and several of the other characters also have a supernatural abilities.

I enjoyed reading this book and liked it more than the first book, The Diviners. I plan to read the third book later this year with Rachel at Life of a Female Bibliophile.

And that’s it!

Now I’m hungry and craving pancakes, lol!

If you’re a Piscean who loves pancakes, waffles, and French toasts, I tag you!!


21 thoughts on “Pancake Book Tag

  1. Mmmmmm!!!! I haven’t had good pancakes, waffles, or French toast in what feels likes ages, but I do love them all. Now I’m beginning to feel the craving… 🙂


  2. Again, happy Birthday! This is a fun book tag xD

    Several books are now added to my TBR. I have a question, though. I want to try Robin Hobb, where would you recommend I start? 🙂


    1. Thanks! 🙂
      I suggest starting with Assassin’s Apprentice. It’s the first book in the Farseer trilogy. The full series is called Realm of the Elderlings, but it’s broken up into several trilogies and a quartet. The first trilogy is the Farseer one and the second one is the Liveship Traders, which some people begin with instead.

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  3. Happy birthday! I’m taking notes on pancake toppings as well as books, here; I’ve never thought of doing a lemon drizzle, but it sounds delectable. I keep seeing the Tea Dragon Society books everywhere I go, which I think is a subtle hint from the universe that I need to pick them up! I’m trying to decide where to start with Hobb — what is your favorite Hobb series of them all, since you mention two of them here?


    1. Thank you!! Lol! IKR. This tag made me crave pancakes, lol.
      Yep, it is a sign from the universe, lol! The Tea Dragon books are so cute. They are worth purchasing.
      As for Hobb’s books — it’s one series (Realm of the Elderlings) but it’s broken up into trilogies and a quartet. The Farseer trilogy is the first one. I suggest you start there. The first book is Assassin’s Apprentice. The second trilogy is the Liveship Traders. Some people start here and then hop back to the Farseer books.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll add the Farseer trilogy to my TBR. My brother enjoyed Ship of Magic, so maybe I can convince him to buy the Farseer trilogy so we can “share” the books lol


  4. Well now I can’t decide if I want to explode my TBR pile first, or eat pancakes… Love this – and I love that you can’t get through a tag without Robin Hobb cropping up! Happy birthday!


  5. Happy Birthday! I’ve definitely added The Book of Hidden Things to my TBR – I love anything set in Italy!
    I hope you have a wonderful time for your birthday and that you get your pancakes! ☺️

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