Weekend Reads #118: Kushiel’s Chosen Readalong, Ch. 71 – the end

Here we are at the end of the Kushiel’s Chosen readalong hosted by Imyril of the Wyrd & Wonder crew who blogs over at There’s Always Room for One More. This one was another good read, and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve placed it on my favorites book list. I really enjoyed it.

Each week, a different member participating in the readalong posts questions for the week’s discussion. For this past week, the sixth and final one, Lisa at Dear Geek Place shared the questions for the last chapters.


What did you make of Phèdre’s plan for stopping Melisande’s plot against the Crown, and Marco Stregazza’s power grab? And what did you think of how smoothly (or not) it went?

Lol! That was not at all what I expected. When the plan was hinted at and we got Joscelin and Kazan’s reactions but still did not know what the plan is, I assumed it would involve them all dressing up as priestesses because that’s usually what happens in those situations in movies. But I liked Phedre’s plan and I should have seen it coming. I actually chuckled a bit at the theater of it.

I didn’t expect the plan to go smoothly, and I actually expected more hiccups in it. Also, I assumed the Cassiline would get away with his attempt on Ysandre’s life and we wouldn’t know who exactly is to blame. But I was very entertained by how things actually turned out.

Melisande faces the consequences of her actions… only, she doesn’t. What were your thoughts on her confrontations with Phèdre and Ysandre, and her seemingly ultimate fate?

Ugh!! Oh man! I wanted her to be truly caught. As it is now, it’s only a matter of time before she escapes again and sends something to Phedre to taunt Phedre into chasing her again. Like, maybe she’ll send Phedre a painted selfie from her pleasure dungeon to torture Phedre with fantasies about what could have happened between them in there.

And I’m kind of over the powerful sway Meli has over Phe. I want that to be explained or for it to stop. I guess I’m getting annoyed because I think it’s more than simple lust between them, but that’s not yet stated so I don’t know if it’s true.

(For that matter, do you have any thoughts or theories/wild speculations on where Imriel de la Courcel has been taken, or who might have taken him?)

I have no idea. I couldn’t think of anyone Meli trusts enough to hand him off to, but then I wonder if Meli is a compassionate person. Does she truly care for her son? I get the impression that everyone is a game piece to her. And, actually, my initial thought was that she probably wasn’t even pregnant in the first place and was faking the baby (borrowed a baby?) so all the good guys are actually worried about a fake baby. Also, if the baby is a power piece to play in her game of thrones, I think the last peeps Meli would trust is her own fam because they are all too devious.

The dust settles, and it seems our Cassiline hero has learned an important lesson or two. How pleased were you by the progress Joscelin has made in accepting both Phèdre’s and his own true nature/desires?

I actually expected to end the book with Jos still torn about feelings for Phe and me still frustrated by him. I’m glad that he has a change of heart, but I’m not too thrilled by the development of his character in this book and I think that’s because I really wanted to read his perspective on things to understand what he was experiencing and feeling. We read from Phedre’s POV, so it seems like Jos made the right choice because by the end he does what Phedre wants, but I wonder what I’d have thought if I’d also read from Jos’s POV.

Any other thoughts/feelings regarding other characters not mentioned here, or scenes you want to highlight? Have at it!


First, I love Ysandre’s journey home. Oh man! I was on edge wondering if she’d get there in time. I was like “Go, Ys, Go!” The whole time and urging Phe to hurry up with the story and my eyes to read faster.

I liked Phe’s simple plan of using Ysandre’s likeness on the coins to convince the people that she IS the queen and not an imposter. I like the general dude’s (forgot his name but he’s the dude leading Ys’s army, I think) frustration with Ysandre and Phe because he wanted to borrow an army and they didn’t (well, Ysandre didn’t), which was a good plan because rolling up with a foreign army would have helped folks believe that Ys an imposter… probably. Ys is such a badass, btw.

And — here’s a biggie — UNCLE FOXY IS NOT A BAD GUY!!! OMG! I was so blown. My mind was so blown that he was actually helping Ysandre and not plotting against her. But!! There is one more book to go so there’s still hope potential. He’s a very capable leader, though, managing to hold the city against Apple Man’s army. I guess he’s okay. (So sorry for Apple Man Jr., btw. He didn’t know about the sour plan concocted with Meli.)

Also, I’m so happy Jos will officially become Phe’s consort and I loved how Ysandre honored Phe (very high honor for a servant of Naamah) and how they rolled up to the party not realizing that they are the guests of honor, lol!

Anyway, it was a good read and I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in the next book.

Much thanks, Imyril, for hosting this readalong! 🙂




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