Wyrd & Wonder Wednesday: Begin

For the entire month of May, Wednesdays will be dedicated to the Wyrd & Wonder Challenge because I like throwing up triple Ws — W&WW. I’ll share my picks for the topics that pop up in the current week on the Wednesday.

The picks in these posts might be repeats of what I post on Instagram for the challenge… that’s if I manage to post anything on IG. I’m always unprepared when it comes to challenges on IG.

So, for the first week of Wyrd & Wonder (May 1-8), I have here:

We’re going on an adventure…

…with The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

For this category, we are to share our TBR for our W&W adventure, which I actually did on IG (here) and in this post on my blog. Neither one has the Jumbies in it, yet it’s the first book I picked up for W&W. Smh, I’ve already gone off course.

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