Wyrd & Wonder 2021 | Giveaway Announcement

Hey! Guess what?! It’s time for my Wyrd & Wonder GIVEAWAY!! 😀

What’s Wyrd & Wonder? It’s a monthlong celebration in May of all things fantasy. Participants can express their love of fantasy and celebrate in any way they want. I’m mostly doing so by reading fantasy books and comics.

I’m always excited to participated in W&W; but, of course, I was as unprepared for W&W this year as I didn’t intend to be, so instead of starting this on the first of May, this GIVEAWAY will instead run from May 13–31. Anyone can submit an entry, but since it’s for W&W, those participating in the event will have an edge on entries.


(Details below)

Details for this Wyrd & Wonder GIVEAWAY:

The GIVEAWAY prize is a fantasy book purchase(s) of up to $30USD from Book Depository.

The GIVEAWAY will be held from now until the end of May (May 13–31).

It’s an international GIVEAWAY (as long as Book Depository delivers to where you live).

Those participating in Wyrd & Wonder will have an edge. (Click the GIVEAWAY links above or below to see what I mean.)

The GIVEAWAY winner will be announced on Monday, June 7.

The winner will be contacted by email and will be given up to 2 days to respond before I choose someone else.

Please be mindful that you’ll have to give me an address to mail your prize to.

Click the GIVEAWAY link above or below to enter.

Well, I think that’s everything. If you’re participating in Wyrd & Wonder, I hope it’s going well for you. I’ve read some fun stuff already and am currently stuck in some gripping reads. If you’re interested, you can check the TBR I created but am already not following here.



37 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder 2021 | Giveaway Announcement

  1. Thanks for organizing this giveaway! I love reading everyone’s posts for Wyrd & Wonder and it always gives me inspiration to write posts myself. I’m currently reading The Heart Forger, the second part of The Bone Witch trilogy


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