Book Haul #75: Head to the Library

And so we’ve come to the last part of this book haul — the library books. I almost went overboard with these too. It was my first time entering a library to borrow books since the pandemic, and I was both excited about it grabbing everything that caught my eye. But I cooled myself and managed to walk out with just a few books. Yeahie me!

Here’s what I got.



The Storm, The Way Home in the Night, and The Tea Party in the Woods by Akiko Miyakoshi (illus.)

These are all children’s picture books. I love the covers and had to get them.

Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown

I’ve wanted to read this book since FOREVER!! For some reason, the edition with this cover isn’t available anywhere for purchase.

Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray

It’s the third novel in her Diviners series, a YA historical paranormal series that I’ve been buddy-reading with Rachel at Life of a Female Bibliophile. I recently started this and am already scared, lol.

The Adventures of Rama: With Illustrations from a 16th-Century Mughal Manuscript by Milo Cleveland Beach

I recently read a children’s picture book about Rama, which was great, so I got curious when I saw this title. I’d like to see how the story is presented in this one.


Moonstruck, Vol. 2: Some Enchanted Evening by Grace Ellis, illus. by Shae Beagle & Kat Fajardo

A sweet YA fantasy comic book set in a college town. I LOVE the illustrations and colors used. I recently reviewed it, so check it out to see sample pages.

The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

I borrowed this because I kept hearing great things about it but unfortunately had to return it to the library unread. I didn’t have time to read it when my hold came up and didn’t feel like doing the whole suspending my hold thing.

The Wizard’s Tale by Kurt Busiek, illus. by David Wenzel

A middle grade fantasy graphic novel about a wizard who has a hard time being evil. I borrowed it read for Wyrd & Wonder and enjoyed it. Review coming soon.

Conspiracy of Ravens by Leah Moore & John Repp, illus. by Sally Jane Thompson

YA fantasy novel set at a boarding school in the U.K. about a group of girls who inherit special abilities. I kept seeing it on my comic bookstore’s website, so I borrowed it because I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Review coming soon.

Beard Science by Penny Reid

Another romance novel in the Winston Brothers series. I actually returned this to the library unread. I thought I was in a romance mood, but I wasn’t.

And that’s it for the library books.

But wait!

I’m curious, what are you currently reading?

24 thoughts on “Book Haul #75: Head to the Library

  1. That cover art from Akiko Miyakoshi really is beautiful. I hope the stories are pretty good, as well. My current read is an audiobook of A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. It’s an interesting story about a woman, Ruth, who finds a diary washed up on shore from a teenage girl, Nao, in Japan and she begins reading the story, so it alternates between the world of the writer and that of the reader. Fascinating so far, especially how it all seems to weave together so well.

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    1. That Ozeki book does sound interesting. I’ve only read one of her books and it’s a small one called A Time Code by Ruth Ozeki. It’s a really interesting one too. Ozeki spent 2 hours staring at her face and writing down what she thought. I have a review of it up.


  2. Nice haul! That Rama book looks especially interesting – I’ll be curious to read your review! I just finished Addison’s sequel (sort of) to The Goblin Emperor, and I’m coming back to my Dune re-read after I finish Troy 😁

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        1. Thanks for the link. I just got caught up on all the blogs I follow. I’ve realized for some time that I wasn’t getting your new posts in my feed, but I assumed a blogging break or something. Now WordPress has it that I’m not following your blog, which is weird because I didn’t unfollow it. It’s so odd. I think I’ll have to double check some other blogs whose posts I haven’t seen in my feed lately.

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        2. Yes, it happened to me too! WP randomly unfollowed several blogs that I followed and I don’t even have a way to check which ones! I only noticed recently, when I got into a conversation with a fellow blogger…


        3. That sounds like a good idea, I might give it a try too! Apparently in Bookstooge’s case WP even managed to make him unfollow his own blog 😉


  3. Oh Man, the words just fiy by the iiiiiiiiiiii that there’s been no chance to comprehend
    Meaning or what
    They r about

    Odd crazy words to do with webtangles
    even dirty words like (money&TAXES)
    We’re indecently flashed at My person.

    Some great looking artwork on these books you’ve been hauling,


        1. Oh far out man!
          Like being in “two times in the same place” man!!
          Very tangle wrangle


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