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I’m behind on review posts and I want to post something but am not in the mood to do a review post, so… It’s time for a handy-dandy book tag!! AND I’m actually doing one I was tagged for! Yeahie!! 😀

I was tagged by the wonderful orange fur ball that is the Orangutan Librarian, whose blog I HIGHLY recommend.

The tag was created by booktuber Catalyst Reads, but it seems that the channel was deleted so I don’t have a link.

Which trope(s) in books annoy you the most?

love triangle | easily angered, selfish protag

It will always be the love triangle, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t like the two books I read in Maas’s series.

Another one is the easily angered, selfish protagonist who’s so caught up in their own story that they place everyone else at risk. Usually this is the character we are supposed to cheer on and who supposedly cares for their friends yet tends to throw themself and everyone else in danger to satisfy their own need, whether it’s to gain a bit of information about their past or their abilities. These days such characters frustrate me so much that I might end up disliking whatever it is I am reading or watching. I’m currently thinking of Bloom from the Netflix TV show Fate: the Winx Saga.

Which writer(s) do you think is overrated/overhyped?

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris
The Stand by Stephen King

I hop around so much regarding authors I read that I can’t think of a single writer for this category. I think I’d only be able to say this of a writer for whom I’ve read more than one book and, so far, I really enjoy the authors for whom I’ve read more than one book. So for this, I instead chose three books I think are overhyped and overrated.

What are your least favorite books you’ve read since you started blogging?

The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
The Boy, the Horse, the Fox and the Mole by Charlie Mackesy (illus.)

Four of them are above, but two others are The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, which I was actually surprised didn’t work for me because I was really into YA books back then, and The Boy, the Horse, the Fox and the Mole by Charlie Mackesy, which is another one I think is overhyped.

What is a terrible ending that ruined an otherwise quality book?

Delicious by Ruth Reichl

Well, I wouldn’t say it was a quality book, but the rushed ending was one of various reasons why I gave this one a low rating. I did enjoy it at first, though. It’s a contemporary novel about a young woman who moves to NYC to work at a food magazine.

Which fictional character(s) do you wish was not killed off?

Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

There are three Buckkeep characters from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings books that I wish hadn’t been killed off because I want their stories to just keep going and going.

And there are two from the Harry Potter series — Dumbledore and Sirius — who I wish hadn’t died. I mean, I understand why Dumbledore had to go, but I wish Sirius could have stuck around.

What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

I can only think of them when I notice them, but a big one is changing the covers of books in a series or not having a cohesive design for the books in a series. I also dislike movie/TV adaptation covers. Pointless prologues are annoying because I think it’s important to read the prologue and epilogue but I hate feeling like I’m wasting my time doing so. I also hate that in the U.S. they often first publish the book as a hardback and then in trade paperback. If the hardback sells well, they take FOREVER to publish the book in trade paperback. Why can’t they do trade paperback first and then people can order the hardback if they like?

What are some books you think should have more recognition?

Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That: And Other Reflections on Being Human by Jesse Bering
Thunder & Lightning: Weather Past, Present, Future by Lauren Redniss (illus.)
Middle Passage by Charles Johnson

The first two are nonfiction books. Bering is an evolutionary psychologist and the book dives into human evolution, reproduction, and behavior as well as several taboo topics. It’s a very interesting read. Thunder & Lightning is about the weather, and I learned loads from it. I highly recommend it. And Middle Passage is a historical fiction novel with a hint of fantasy about a freed Black man stowing away on a slave ship that’s bound for Africa.

What are your thoughts on censorship and banning books?

I’m against it.

Who do you tag?

Whoever reads this 😊

And that’s it.

If you’re reading this…

DO IT TOO!!! 🤣🤣


44 thoughts on “No Disclaimers Book Tag

  1. I read a whole lot of romance, generally love triangles are a big dislike in the genre but, done right, I love them but I also love cliffhangers, for which people think there is something wrong with me. I agree with your choices of The Fault in Our Stars being overrated.

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  2. Oh man, I too can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes when I see a love triangle coming my way. I don’t think I’ve ever heard/read/seen one that was actually decent! And yeh, Dumbledore dying was almost a must just to get Harry to grow up and mature even more hahah

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ikr! There was only one YA fantasy I read where I didn’t mind the love triangle much but that’s because the story didn’t focus on it too much.
      Yeah, but I’d love to read about adventures at Hogwarts before Harry popped up and really weird stuff started happening.

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    1. Lol! Well, after pubbing the post, I thought of a fourth, but the original three were… have you read ALL the books in the series? I don’t want to spoil it for you. I just want to make sure first. 🙃

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Ok, goodie! lol! Well the original three I thought of were Fitz (I wanted him to stick around for Bee and Nettle and grow to be a happy grandfather and all. I just wanted him to have a happy ending), Nighteyes, and Chade (although I’m not truly convinced Chade is gone, but, if he is, I’m still upset about how he “died”). And the fourth person I thought of after was Burrich and now I remember that the Fool died too so now there’s 5. I’ll stop typing now before I think of someone else.

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        2. Yeah, I thought the three you mentioned were Fitz, Fool, and Nighteyes 😉 I hated the parasite angle from the last book but I guess Hobb wanted to have all three somehow together. I really appreciate how she explores the concept of love that doesn’t require to be sexual or familial to be deep and abiding. I feel like lately there’s a strong temptation to equate love with sex and if you love someone you must perforce want to shag them. Even poor ancient Greece falls prey to this stereotype lately! 😅
          I think Chade’s dead, sorry 😐 he was very old even at the beginning of the first trilogy, the older brother of the king. I know Skill gave him some leeway, but he seemed to be getting ready to go. Man, when I think about it, Hobb was just ruthless in that last trilogy!

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        3. Same here. I didn’t like the parasite bit either. I think it was a horrible way for Fitz to go. He’s already suffered so much, I just wanted the dude to have a break.. at least a peaceful death. But you’re right — Hobb was ruthless in the last books. She had no mercy for our feelings toward the characters.
          And same here on how she dealt with the relationship between Fitz and the Fool. I have that same complaint too, mostly when I read YA novels because there an attraction to someone or loving someone is always sexual attraction and must lead to a coupled relationship. I don’t like how simple (I guess) they are making it seem that if you have such a strong attraction to someone you must be in love with them, or, if you love someone you must also be sexually attracted to them. I think this is slowly changing in some books but the majority of them have such relationships.
          😭😭 am stubbornly keeping hope alive that Chade is alive and thriving somewhere (although deep down, I know you’re right). I’m also deeply suspicious of Rosemary. Oh man! I strongly wish for a book about Chade’s last days and the Skill current and the enormous being/concious that saved Fitz whenever he got lost in the Skill pillars/current.

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        4. I actually didn’t like how Hobb made Buckkeep into some kind of feudal bureaucracy in that last trilogy. Rosemary was just the tip of the iceberg. But even Nettle and the cabal were just so… uninspired, I guess, more like clerks in some institution than what I remembered from the previous trilogies about Chade and Burrich and Fitz, and even Kettricken. So in a way, this last book was a goodbye to the old guard.
          Same here about Skill currents! I so wanted Hobb to return to it at the end of the last book, as a goodbye to Fitz and Fool and Nighteyes! I felt like they could also have become this kind of entity, living in the Skill/Wit which was finally fused together as one complete, ultimate experience of the life force… Ehh, if pigs could fly, right? 😉

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        5. I didn’t mind the bureaucracy, but since it was there, I wish she’d dug a bit deeper into it. There were a few things I’d like to have been explored more. By the end of the trilogy, I felt like there was lots more to know about the politics. The ending felt like an end to only Fitz and the Fool’s story.
          And I wanted the same for Fitz, Nighteyes, and the Fool. Since Chade could sometimes hear King Shrewd in the Skill current, and Fitz could sometimes hear Chade in it, I thought FNF would become part of it… oh man! I NEED to know more about the magic. I hope she writes another book that picks up after these events.

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  3. Yes to love triangles – just stop. The other for me is pov characters who blame themselves for everything, it kind of robs the other people of their own decision making – they made their choices, don’t rob them of it or monopolise it.
    Also yes to Sirius – and Dobby! stop killing people I like.
    Lynn 😀

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