Reading Firsts | 2021 & 2020

I’m calling this an impromptu half book tag week because here I am again with another book tag. I just wanted to do a post where I chat about a bunch of books while continuing to procrastinate on reviews.

I found this over on Tammy’s Books, Bones & Buffy. It’s not exactly a book tag; it’s a reading reflection post that Tanya & Kim of girlxoxo started to reflect on their reading experiences in the first couple months of a given year. However, since I’m in a book tag mood, I’ve decided to call it a book tag and combine the categories Tanya & Kim have included in their posts over the 3 years they’ve been doing these posts (because I’m feeling extra today).

AND because I’m feeling even more extra than I thought, I’ll consider for this books I read in 2020 and books I’ve read so far this year since I’m in a chatty (typey??) mood and I want to play with the WordPress block things that I FINALLY figured out how to use (so if you have difficulty seeing this post, please let me know).

Anyway… TO THE TAG! 😀

First book read


Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb

It’s the third and last book in the Soldier Son trilogy, a fantasy story about a young man who believes he’s destined to become a soldier but gets caught up in a conflict between his country and the land his country is invading, which causes some… spiritual difficulties for him. I loved the first book in the trilogy but the second and third were hard to get through at times. Shout out to my buddy-reader in all things Hobb, Emily at Embuhleeliest, because the buddy-read kept me going.


Blue Monday by Nicci French

I believe Nicci French is a husband-and-wife team. Blue Monday is a slow-paced mystery about a psychotherapist who gets caught up in a child abduction case when it seems that one of her patients may be involved. It was a good read that kept me interested despite its slow pace, but the end so frustrated me that I’ve yet to continue with the series.

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