“Count to 10 With Me” Book Tag

There I was, freshly out of a blogging slump but short on time to do any of the posts I had in mind. And then I remembered: “When in doubt, do a book tag!” So I pulled up one I saw recently —

The “Count to 10 With Me” Book Tag! I found it over on Kristin Kraves Books yesterday as I tried and failed to catch up on blog hopping. It was created by booktuber the Bumbling Blogger’s partner, Sean.

First book in a series

The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

I know I’ve heard of this book before, but seeing the third book mentioned in Lashaan’s post yesterday really sparked my interest in the series (because I saw gods and dragons mentioned in the book description), so now I REALLY want to read it… like now, right now. (Gonna check if my library’s Libby app has a copy.)

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