Magical Readathon | 2021 — The Novice Path

The Magical Readathon is back everyone!

The readathon was initially inspired by the Harry Potter books, but the creator — G, a booktuber who runs Book Roast — has moved away from them due to comments J.K. Rowling made regarding the trans community. But now the readathon is back and better than ever because G created her own world and magic systems for the readathon.

(Click here for the video where G gives all the details about the readathon and shares the files for it. G created the readathon — the world, lore, magic systems, all that stuff. She commissioned Lisa, who did the art for Orilium Academy below.)

Some Background

The readathon is now based on a planet called Aeldia that contains 4 continents — Irtheria, Darkmeadow, Kerador, and Daerune — that are populated by humans, elves, earthlings, iltrians, skaimorns, and dwarves, as well as demons and dragons and other creatures. When sorcerers reach a certain age, they are compelled to journey to Orilium Academy to further their studies, a journey called the Novice Path.

For this part of the readathon, we will all follow the Novice Path to Orilium Academy.

(For details on all this, see the Book Roast video linked above.)

The Novice Path

The readathon begins with the Novice Path, a monthlong readathon where participants must complete at least 2 prompts by midnight on September 30 to succeed. Only one book may be used for each prompt. Next year, we will move on to the next part of the readathon where we begin our studies at Orilium Academy.

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