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Hope you’re not tired of BOOK TAG WEEK!!! yet because… it’s still going.

Well, today’s tag is the Blogger Stats Book Tag, which I found over on Tattooed Book Geek forever ago and totally planned to do way back then but… I didn’t. However, there’s no time like the present, eh?

Anyway, the tag was created by Stuart at Always Trust in Books.

Last 3 books you read

The Adventures of Rama by Milo Cleveland Beach

A children’s picture book based on the epic Hindu classic, the Ramayana. The illustrations are from a 16th-century Mughal manuscript.

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

I reread this by audiobook, which is narrated by Roy Dotrice. I enjoy the series and am now rereading the third book, A Storm of Swords.

The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Ryder Hanrahan

It’s the first novel in a grimdark fantasy series about gods at war and how it affects people and places. I’ll post a review soon…ish.

Spoilers or spoiler-free?

I’d rather not be spoiled, unless I want to —

because I do go searching for spoilers sometimes. But I don’t mind spoilers, really. If it’s a book I haven’t yet read, I’ll forget by time I start reading (maybe… most likely); if it’s a book I’m currently reading, then most likely I want to be spoiled if I go looking for reviews or articles about it.

How long have you been book blogging?

Since 2011…

…says my blog’s timeline, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until 2012, I think.

A book you read in one sitting

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

I love this book. It’s about the Waverley sisters who’ve been estranged for a few years and their family’s garden that has an apple tree that bears fruit that foretells the future once eaten. I love the writing and enjoyed the story and couldn’t part from it, so it was completed in one sitting.

Your favorite genre


I love the variety of stories and the magic and the wonder and especially the worldbuilding. I love it when the author so convinces me about their world that I want to visit it myself.

Preferred book size (novella, tome, etc.)

Novels and tomes

I hardly read tomes, lol, but if the series I’ve read were one book, then I’d have read several tomes. I just prefer chunkier stuff so the story and characters have time to develop.

Amount of books on your TBR

Too many

I consider the unread books I own and my Goodreads TBR as two different things. I intend/would like to read all the books I own; I don’t intend to read all the books on my Goodreads TBR. But both TBRs are large, so I won’t bother trying to figure out the number.

A book you DNF’d

Kink: Stories by R.O. Kwon (ed.) and Garth Greenwell (ed.)

I wasn’t feeling it. Wasn’t in the mood. (Trying not giggle here, lol. But I really think I picked it up at the wrong time.)

Recent awards or milestones


WordPress just congratulated me for posting content 3 days in a row, so… that’s a milestone, I guess.

Maybe I’ll get another one today for posting 4 days in a row.

Best interaction with an author you enjoy

Marlon James and Nicole Dennis-Benn

Both are Jamaican authors and I met them both (at separate times) and was able to converse a little and get my books signed and take a photo, so that was great. I’m not too big on interacting with authors, but it was pretty cool to meet them and just share that I enjoy their work.

Average number of books you read per month

3 or 4

On a regular month pre-Covid when I had to travel to work and all, I’d average about 3-4. However, if I’m in a good reading mood and am not distracted by TV shows or Sims or visiting people and am working from home because of a pandemic, I can read a bit more, up to 6 or 7, maybe. Can’t remember.

Top 3 publishers

The spreadsheet I use to track my reading and the books I acquire really comes in handy for this.

Macmillan (because of Tor) for fantasy. So far, I’ve bought most of my books this year from them.

Random House — I’ve read mostly their books so far.

Image because I love their comics.

Social media sites your blog uses


Other than here, I’m most active there.


I hate Twitter, so I hardly use it other than to automatically share what I post on here or promote blog posts that are very interesting or something.


I should delete it. I hardly ever use it.

Average amount of time you spend networking

1 hour

However, it can be more if I’m behind on visiting other blogs (and have time to sit and read). I don’t force it, but if I have time after work, I’ll blog-hop for up to an hour. I’ll read posts. I’ll always Like them, and I comment if I have something substantial to say. If I’m behind on posts, then I do a shortcut and catch up on only my top blogs.

Most comfortable blogging position

While laid back in bed

Music or quiet when writing reviews?

I need quiet.

Any type of music will distract me. I can’t help daydreaming when music is on. I’m like those snakes that are “charmed” by the flute.

Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?

Random as my thoughts go

It’s the tagline on my blog’s homepage. Whatever I want to post about whenever I want to post about it. I’m not going to stress myself about this.

A blog you looked up to starting out

Blogs of a Bookaholic

She’s active on IG now, but I really enjoyed her blog and was motivated to keep going with mine because of it.

Best book you reviewed so far

In the Garden of Spite by Camilla Bruce

Historical thriller about a female serial killer. It’s SUCH a good read. I HIGHLY recommend it if you don’t mind violent, gory stories.

Best piece of blogging advice

Do it for yourself.

I checked a few responses to this tag and came across the Bookstooge’s, who I think gave the best blogging advice.

Consider yourself tagged…

…if you feel like doing it too.


11 thoughts on “Blogger Stats Book Tag

  1. Interesting stuff. I don’t do these because I have enough trouble getting through my book reviews (I’m only one behind now, yay!) but I enjoy reading them. And now I’m all caught up with my blog-reading!

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