Magical Readathon | 2021 — The Novice Path Wrap-Up

My journey along the Novice Path was a success! 😀 But it wasn’t without obstacles. Let’s see how I did on the journey.

Quick Note

The Magical Readathon is a monthlong readathon created by G, a booktuber, that was once inspired by the Harry Potter books. G updated the readathon by creating her own world and lore for it. The Novice Path is the first part of the readathon. For more details, check my first post about the readathon.

G provided a map for the Novice Path that has landmarks along it where characters face decisions that determine which guild at Orilium Academy their character will enter. I’ve included my choices and guild results in the review of my progress along the Novice Path below.

(Quick warning that this is a long post because I got a bit excited about the storytelling part of it).

Novice Path map

Looking Back on My Novice Path Journey

My journey along the Novice Path got off on a rocky start. I rushed to cobble together my TBR because I didn’t realize the readathon was soon to start and was hoping to read for it books that I was already intending to start in October, which sort of worked for me but kinda didn’t.

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