Spooktastic Reads TBR | 2021

Spooktastic Reads is back! 😀

Spooktastic Reads is a mini-event hosted by the Wyrd & Wonder crew — Imyril, Lisa, and Jorie — over the 13 days leading up to Halloween, so October 19 – 31. (For more info, check out Imyril’s post.)

Spooktastic Reads is a laid-back event, so there’s no need to make a TBR or to even read books for it. You participate in whatever way you like, which I’m grateful for because this is always a busy time of year for me.

I tend to always make a TBR and never read anything from it, so this time I shall instead list books I’ve already started and need to read. There’s nothing scary on it (well, one of them may be, but I doubt it). These books just give me fall vibes.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (MinaLima Edition) by J.K. Rowling
The Dangers of Smoking in Bed: Stories by Mariana Enríquez, transl. by Megan McDowell
The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

…and I’ll fit in a comic book or manga if I can.

I’ll also watch supernatural/horror TV shows and movies, as I usually do. Currently, I’m making my way through Supernatural intending to watch all the seasons to the end (currently on season 11, I think), and I’m also working my way through Sleepy Hollow.

On the blog, I won’t do much other than some fall/Halloween-themed book tags when the mood hits. I’m keeping this low-key because I anticipate busy weeks ahead.

If you choose to participate, def check out Imyril’s post and chat with the hosts on Twitter about what you’re reading/watching/playing.

(Artwork in header is by Olga Yastremska from 123RF.com)

20 thoughts on “Spooktastic Reads TBR | 2021

  1. I’d hoped on reading some horror but that hasn’t quite worked out yet. Oh well. I am trying to find some horror movies to watch, though. And funny you mention Sleepy Hollow. Going through my old DVD’s I found a copy of the Sleepy Hollow movie. I don’t remember getting it and I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched it, so maybe I’ll try that one. 🙂


    1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Sleepy Hollow movie. I liked it. Hope it goes well for you.
      So far, I haven’t gotten in much horror reading in. I’m starting to admit to myself that I’m reading much slower these days due to less reading time.


    1. Aww, totally understand. I usually shy away from horror books (although I enjoy horror movies and TV shows), but I have a feeling (hoping, really) this one isn’t too scary.


  2. What makes the Minalima edition different, is it the illustrations?
    I enjoy reading spooky stuff, but I haven’t planned on it specifically. One that I am really enjoying right now is LaTanya McQueen’s When the Reckoning Comes. Partly coming-of-age story (she spends a lot of time developing character, which I like) and partly an exploration of reckoning with the legacy of slavery (with metaphorical and literal hauntings).


    1. It’s the first I’m hearing of McQueen’s book. I just look it up and it does sound interesting and creepy.
      I like the Minalima edition more because it’s more interactive. In addition to illustrations on just about every page, there are pop-ups, which I think enhances the charm of the stories.


  3. I’m not normally one to do seasonal-based posts but I’ve actually had a couple of ideas this time (that’s mainly just tags). Good luck with your TBR – I’m curious which is the potentially daunting one?


    1. Thanks! 🙂 I was thinking of Year of the Witching when I was drafting this post, but afterward, I realized Dangers of Smoking in Bed may be a touch scary too. I read the author’s first book of short stories and some were creepy.

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  4. I really liked The Year of the Witching. I may try to participate, I hadn’t really thought about it but I’ve got some spooky reads coming up😁


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