Top 5 Tuesday #64: Spooky Worlds I’ve Seen

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Shanah, the Bionic Book Worm, and now hosted by Meeghan at Meeghan Reads.

This week’s topic:

Top 5 spooky worlds

(Spooky worlds are a THING. Let’s talk about all the places you never want to go… Or maybe you do want to go, if you’re into that sort of thing!!)

Yes, indeed. I’ve visited some spooky worlds in books and TV shows.

Here’s one I’ve visited often:


I love the show, but I wouldn’t want to live in the world Supernatural is set in. Too much drama. Too many battles against supernatural creatures. And the world is always ending because someone — the Winchesters, usually — is always doing something to fuck it up.

This one I visited with Rachel at Life of a Female Bibliophile:

The Diviners

Rachel and I have been buddy-reading these books. It is a paranormal, historical fiction YA series set in the 1920s about a group of teenagers who have psychic/supernatural abilities and use them to keep malicious ghosts at bay as well as a malevolent specter. I… would NOT want to be live in this world either. I don’t think I’d sleep a wink with so many ghosts running around.

I go here sometimes… when the mood hits:

The Strain

A horror trilogy that was adapted as a TV series. It’s about a vampire apocalypse that begins in present-day NYC. Much as I love reading and watching TV shows and movies about the zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t want to live through one. I don’t think I’d survive one.

I visited this one a couple months ago:

Black Summer

Horror TV show set in the U.S. about people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Not many people seem to like this TV show, but I love it. Wouldn’t want to live in this world, though.

I lived through this:


Last year was spooky and horrific in several ways. I also enjoy watching TV shows and movies about virus outbreaks (like, umm… Outbreak, the old film starring Dustin Hoffman) but I never, ever, never-ever-never want to experience one again.

What spooky worlds have you visited recently?


15 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday #64: Spooky Worlds I’ve Seen

  1. Did you read The Strain trilogy? I watched the first couple seasons and really enjoyed it but lost track after that and never finished watching. I’ve considered reading the books and I’m curious how they compare. Interestingly, I remember reading some interviews about it and I think del Toro had originally written it for TV, but wasn’t able to get a deal because the network wanted it to be more comedic and del Toro wanted it more hard hitting. So after that fell apart he and Hogan decided to write the story as a series of books. It was only after the books were selling that networks changed their tune.

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know all that about the books! I’ve only read two of them so far. I loved the first one but didn’t like the second as much, but now I wonder if I judged the second one too hard, so I might reread it via audio book. (I have reviews up for both — no pressure to check them out, just letting you know.) The audio books are narrated by actor Ron Perlman.

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      1. I would think Ron Perlman could be a fantastic narrator, I’ll check out the audiobooks. And I’ll check out your reviews, too, so thanks for letting me know! I also wonder if maybe you didn’t judge the second too hard, but perhaps I stopped watching the TV series for similar reasons to your not liking the second book as much? I do think I’ll try the books one of these days. Not sure if I’ll ever get back to watching the show, though.

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        1. Yea, the show got weaker after a time, which was unfortunate because I think it could have been a strong one all the way through. I think it was after the third season that I started to lose interest. I certainly did not like the last season at all.


  2. I wouldn’t want to be in Supernatural either lol. You have me curious about Black Summer.

    This is not really a world but Squid Games gave me so much anxiety. I wouldn’t want to be caught up in that game.


    1. Oh man! First season of Black Summer had me on edge. I love it! There’s like no safe spaces in that world.
      That reminds me I still need to watch Squid Games!!


  3. Wow! The Strain looks so spooky, I’m not sure that I do want to go there!!
    Sorry my post is late this week, I’m having technical issues, but they are being worked on!! Hope you had fun this week 💕


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