Addams Family Book Tag | 1964 Edition

Let’s continue the Halloween book tag trend with this Addams Family Book Tag.

I did an Addams Family book tag several years ago (check it out here) but I based the gifs and such I included in my post on the 1991 movie, which I loved as a kid. However, today’s Addams Family Book Tag was created by White Rose Stories, who loves the 1964 TV show edition of the Addams Family. This is new to me because I didn’t know the Addams Family had been around for so long. I thought the 1991 was the first one.

Well, I’m glad to learn something new about a movie I enjoyed. I’ll include the gifs I saw in Rose White’s post here, in case you’re unfamiliar with the 1964 show too.

Morticia Addams — A book containing your favourite character

Nanny Ogg

Nanny Ogg from Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett quickly popped in my mind. She is one of my favorite characters from Pratchett’s Witches books, a subseries of his Discworld novels, which is a fantasy series set on a flat world that rests atop four giant elephants that stand on the shell of an enormous turtle that’s flying through space. The stories are silly and fun and I enjoy them.

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