Star Trek Book Tag | James Holder

So there I was… unprepared for the blogging week but wanting to throw up something. Then I remembered that it’s SciFiMonth. Hosted by the Wyrd & Wonder crew, this is a monthlong celebration of all things scifi. I wanted to participate but guess what? I’m unprepared. No surprise there.

Well, I said to myself, I’ll participate in a minor way by cheering from the sidelines. And do you know what that means? No? It means scifi book tags throughout the month!! 😆

I actually don’t have that many scifi-themed book tags on my “To Do” list of tags, but there was a Star Trek tag there with a link that no longer works. A quick googling later and I was in luck: I found four different Star Trek book tags! Of course, I was excited and wanted to do them all in one long post, but I’ll be patient and do them in separate ones. Here’s the first one I found.

This Star Trek Book Tag was created by booktuber James Holder.

But before I get going, I must confess. I’m not a Star Trek fan. 😨 I watched the show as a kid, but I just wasn’t interested. So… well, umm… to the tag!

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