Six for Sunday: Under 200 Pages

Six for Sunday is a bookish meme created and hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot.

This Sunday’s topic:

Favorite Books Under 200 Pages

Here are a few books under 200 pages that I’ve read. I wouldn’t call them all favorites, but they were all entertaining in some way.

Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks

Kicking this off with Perfect Shadow, which is part of Weeks’s Night Angel trilogy, a grimdark fantasy series about a street urchin who becomes a notorious assassin. Although it’s only 136 pages long, it contains two short stories. The first is a prequel to the trilogy that focuses on Durzo before he became a notorious assassin connected to the Sa’kagé. The second takes place after the trilogy ends and focuses on Kylar tracking down the duchess Trudana Jadwin. If you read and enjoyed the trilogy, I highly recommend Perfect Shadow if you want to learn more about Durzo.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Everyone probably knows about the Murderbot series by now. All Systems Red is the first novella in this sci-fi series about an android that wants to be left alone to watch its TV shows. The book is about 144 pages long and quite enjoyable.

Holidays on Ice David Sedaris

If you want something short and fun when the holiday season rolls around (or before then), pick up Sedaris’s Holidays on Ice. It’s about 166 pages but contains a variety of Christmas-themed essays and stories that are all quite humorous. It’s worth picking up the book, but I HIGHLY recommend the audiobook, which Sedaris narrates.

Letters to a Young Writer: Some Practical and Philosophical Advice by Colum McCann

Here’s a nonfiction one. At about 166 pages, this is a book of encouragement to those interested in writing, whether you’ve been writing or are interested in starting. McCann provides advice on the writing life and career, as well as publishing. If you’re interested in books on writing, I suggest you give this one a try.

The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin, illus. by Luis Royo

And finally, one for the kids. The Ice Dragon is about 120 pages long and is Martin’s fantasy children’s book about a girl’s friendship with the fabled ice dragon. I’ve often seen the book listed as a picture book, and the format does lean that way, but the story makes me think of it as middle grade. It’s worth checking out.



10 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Under 200 Pages

  1. I really really LOVE that Colum McCann book on writing. I know that most of his advice is advice I’ve read before (and will likely read again Heheh) but he expresses it so succinctly and I just think he struck the perfect balance with his tone!


  2. I absolutely loved All Systems Red and The Ice Dragon. And seeing The Ice Dragon illustrated by Luis Royo would be fantastic, I’ll have to see if I can find a copy of that. I have a number of Royo’s artbooks, though some of his stuff isn’t exactly suitable for kids or middle grade.


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