Book Haul #79: New Year, New Books

I haven’t done a book haul since November, not that I’ve bought much since then. Below are a couple stuff I got since then to appease myself during some stressful times — so I told myself when I bought them.



I gave in and got myself a physical copy of Dune. The movie really intrigued me, and people keep mentioning interesting things about it, so I want to see what’s up. The three comics I picked up as a treat to myself last year during a tough time, and Little John Crow I had to get because of its title and author. However, Trees was a recent buy that I couldn’t pass on because I LOVE the cover. And I’ve been seeing so many great reviews of Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done and Uzumaki that I had to get my own copy. Uzumaki was sold out for much of the fall and winter months last year, so I felt lucky when I found a copy a couple weeks ago.

I.D. by Emma Ríos (illus.)
Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker by Joe Casey, illus. by Mike Huddleston
The Nightly News, Vol. 1: A Lie Told in Six Parts by Jonathan Hickman (illus.)
Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? by Harold Schechter & Eric Powell (illus.)
Little John Crow by Ziggy Marley & Orly Marley, illus. by Gordon Rowe
Trees by Tony Johnston, illus. by Tiffany Bozic
Dune by Frank Herbert
Uzumaki by Junji Ito, illus. by Yuji Oniki



I really hope I read Elder Race this year. I picked up a copy after checking out Lisa’s review over on Bookshelf Fantasies. It made me curious because it sounds like the sort of story I’d like, but I typically don’t read scifi, so I wonder if I’ll actually like it. (So curious!) My coworkers at the bookshop I worked at know me so well that one of the booksellers thought of me when she unpacked Balbuzar. As soon as she showed it to me, I knew I had to get it. It sounds like a fun one, and the art really grabs my attention. And I couldn’t leave out of the bookshop without Lost Transmissions once I saw it on the shelf. I have a weak spot for beautifully designed books about scifi and fantasy history. House of Assassins I picked up not realizing it’s the second book in a series, not the first. 😩

The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli, transl. by Christina MacSweeney
Balbuzar by Gérard Moncomble, illus. by Frédéric Pillot
Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Lost Transmissions: Science Fiction and Fantasy’s Untold, Underground, and Forgotten History by Desirina Boskovich
House of Assassins by Larry Correia
Black Fortunes: The Story of the First Six African Americans Who Survived Slavery and Became Millionaires by Shomari Wills
The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
In the House in the Dark of the Woods by Laird Hunt



Here’s a random bunch of mostly digital comics I bought because they were on sale on Comixology. I’ve always wanted to check out The Ring of Nibelung. I forgot where I first heard of it, but I keep thinking it was from reading something the late author Ursula Le Guin wrote, or hearing her chat about it somewhere… I don’t know. Anyway, I also got World of Warcraft Chronicle, Vol. 1 because the movie got me interested in the world and made me want to know more.

Richard Wagner’s The Ring of Nibelung by P. Craig Russell (illus.), transl. by Patrick Mason
Spy x Family, Vol. 1 by Tatsuya Endo, illus. by Casey Loe
Bloodborne, Vol. 1: The Death of Sleep by Ales Kot, illus. by Piotr Kowalski
World of Warcraft Chronicle, Vol. 1 by Matt Burns, illus. by Joseph Lacroix & Peter Lee
Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels (illus.)



Shout out to the publisher, Tundra Books, for granting me access to this children’s picture book to check out on Netgalley. It will be pubbed on May 10.

A Garden of Creatures by Sheila Heti, illus. by Esmé Shapiro



20 thoughts on “Book Haul #79: New Year, New Books

  1. Hah, of course buying the books was *ahem* helpful for your stress. I’ve bought a book about trees because of the cover too. (Actually it looks like the same tree. But I don’t think it actually is!) Do you play WOW too, or just read about it?


  2. Black Fortunes is such a good book! I just bought Spy Family volume 1 and I can’t wait to read it. I’m also looking forward to watching the anime adaptation too. Also Junji Ito. I love his work, but his horror stories can be so intense. I still need to read Uzumaki.


  3. Dune is a book I found myself enjoying more, and getting more out of, after rereading it. I first read it perhaps 20 years ago and just reread it last year. A very good book, I hope you enjoy it. And I can’t wait to watch the second movie, really enjoyed the setup in the first. The cover of Balbuzar looks absolutely fascinating. I’d love to hear what you think of it. And I hope you enjoy Elder Race. I very much enjoyed that one.


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