Drunk Book Tag

Well, I spent the past weekend drinking wine most nights, so I guess I may as well do the Drunk Book Tag. I found it over on Milliebot Reads, but it was created by booktubers Chelsea at ChelseaDolling Reads and Julie at Pages and Pens (looks like both videos were taken down).

Wine Coolers: You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one of your mom’s Smirnoff Ices. What is one of your most guilty pleasure reads?

Kissing Tolstoy by Penny Reid

I guess for me that would be romance novels. I chose to go with Kissing Tolstoy for this since I never mention it, except when I reviewed it. It’s a romance novella about a young woman in college who enters into a romantic relationship with her Russian lit. professor. It’s not the best thing I read, but it was entertaining and has the kind of taboo romance trope I like.

Beer: You’ve made it to college and are hosting your first kegger! Pick your favorite new adult or college-aged book.

Unteachable by Leah Raeder

This is one of very few things I’ve read that is probably new adult. It’s not a category I readily turn to (or one I think is needed). Unteachable is another romance novel about a young woman, in high school, entering into a romantic relationship with her teacher. It was a good read, and I marked it as a favorite. I’d like to give it a reread.

Tequila: You partied too hard last night and drank a liiittle too much Jose Cuervo. What’s a book that you never want to see again (or your least favorite book)?

Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto by Anneli Rufus

I attempted this years ago after reading Susan Cain’s Quiet. I was hoping this would be something similar, but it was far from it and wasn’t a good read. I ended up DNF’ing it and getting rid of my copy.

Beer Bong: What’s a book that you read super-fast?

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

I remember getting through this chunkster (over 600 pages) pretty quickly because I was so hooked on the story. It’s the first in a fantasy series about a boy who becomes an apprentice to the most notorious assassin (called wetboy). So far, this is a trilogy, but I recently heard that Weeks plans to publish another book in the series next year. (I can’t wait!!)

SPRING BREAK!!!!: You’ve thrown your inhibitions to the wind and end up having a sexy night you’ll never forget. What is your favorite smutty read?

Grin & Beard It by Penny Reid

I haven’t read many smutty reads in recent years, and all the ones I’ve read were so long ago that I’ve forgotten much about them, so I’ll instead share a romance novel here. Grin and Beard It is the second novel in the Winston Brothers series. It’s about the eldest of the Winston brothers in Tennessee falling for a celebrity who’s in the area for a project. This was also an entertaining read. I enjoyed it and intend to continue with the series.

Screwdriver: What is the most twisted book you’ve ever read?
In the Garden of Spite by Camilla Bruce
You by Caroline Kepnes

Both are thrillers from the perspective of a serial killer or stalker. In the Garden of Spite is a historical fiction novel from the perspective of a female serial killer. It’s based on a real person. And You is pretty popular these days because of the Netflix TV show. It’s a contemporary novel from the perspective of a male stalker.

Long Island Ice Tea: The melting pot of alcoholic beverages. What is one of your favorite diverse reads?

Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña, illus. by Christian Robinson

It’s a children’s picture book about a boy riding the subway to visit his mom and drawing what he imagines the lives of the people he sees to be like. The story is about not judging people by how they seem. It’s a good read.

Sex on the Beach: A drink that’s great in theory but wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. What is a book that just didn’t live up to the hype?
Storm Front by Jim Butcher

It’s urban fantasy about a wizard investigating the cause of some mysterious, magic-related deaths. Many people enjoy this series, but this first book wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I read it recently, so I’ll do a review soonish.

Wine: You’ve just gone through a rough break-up, so you park yourself in bed with your favorite bottle of wine, some ice-cream, and a bucket for your tears. Name a book that made you cry out all of your feels.

I guess I should create a “made me cry” shelf on Goodreads so I can answer these types of questions because right now, I can’t remember a book that made me cry. I’m sure there’s at least one, but none comes to mind.

Strip Club! Your favorite naked hardback.

The Worm and the Bird by Coralie Bickford-Smith (illus.)

It’s one of the picture books I read this year about a worm yearning for more space. It’s beautifully illustrated, but the story was a little underwhelming.

Well, that’s it.


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