Book Haul #83: Small Press Expo Edition

Almost two months have passed since I did a book haul, so here I am to show what I’ve since acquired. A few of them I picked up at the Small Press Expo, a comic-book convention for indies and small presses, which I was looking forward to since seeing the announcement that the event would return this year. I saved for it and am happy that I almost stayed on budget for it, lol. But since I went over budget by a lot, I fully intend NOT to purchase any more books for the rest of the year — which is something I often declare but never do. But THIS time, I will. (Exceptions for certain comic book series I’m subscribed to and series I’m reading for book club/buddy-reads.)



It’s all fantasy in this batch. Moon Witch, Spider King was a cover buy because I wasn’t sure about continuing with Marlon James’s Dark Star trilogy. The Justice of Kings was a recommendation via Mogsy’s review of the book, and probably The Bladed Faith too, but I can’t recall for certain. Lair of Dreams is the second novel in the Diviners series, which is one set of books exempted from my book-buying ban. I’ve read and enjoyed most of the series (currently on the last book) and would like to collect the books. I picked up Moonshine at random from a used comic-book shop because the synopsis reminded me of the Diviners books.

The Justice of Kings by Richard Swan
The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish
Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray
Moonshine by Jasmine Gower
Moon Witch, Spider King by Marlon James

Temple of Silence has such I gorgeous cover, I had to feature it by itself in all its glory. I’ve always admired and wanted this book and FINALLY, I was able to get it. I was so excited — still am — and haven’t really taken it out of its box yet — I got the slipcase edition. Since I couldn’t find it on Goodreads, I linked to the publisher’s website instead, which shows some of the book’s content. Temple of Silence features the work of British cartoonist Herbert Crowley. It’s publisher, Beehive Books, is known for pumping out gorgeously designed books.

Temple of Silence, Slipcase Edition: Forgotten Works & Worlds of Herbert Crowley by Justin Duerr, illus. by Herbert Crowley

Guess who got all the Winston Brothers books? Me!! 😆 The Winston Brothers books is a romance series centered on the members of the Winston family. I’ve read three of the books so far and now consider myself hooked. After completing Beard Science, I knew I had to get my own copy of the books. I can see myself rereading them at some point.

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid (Review)
Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid (Review)
Beard Science by Penny Reid
Beard in Mind by Penny Reid
Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid
Beard With Me by Penny Reid
Beard Necessities by Penny Reid

I can never walk out of a comic-book store with just one book, or no books, for that matter. I went in one day just to look around to kill time while waiting on someone and walked out with King of Spies, Severed, and the first compendium of Fables, which I’m extremely happy to own. Then a few days ago I went in to pick up the latest volume of Monstress and walked out with the third volume of Ogre Gods too. I don’t even own the second volume of Ogre Gods, just the first and now the third.

King of Spies by Mark Millar, illus. by Matteo Scalera
Fables: Compendium One by Bill Willingham, illus. by Mark Buckingham and many others
Monstress, Vol. 7: Devourer by Marjorie Liu, illus. by Sana Takeda
Severed by Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft, illus. by Attila Futaki
The Ogre Gods, Vol. 3: The Great Man by Hubert Boulard, illus. by Bertrand Gatignol, transl. by Jeremy Melloul

This batch I got at the Small Press Expo. I did good at the event in that I made sure to get things I REALLY want instead of everything that caught my eye. But the things I want were pricey (once all added up) so I went over budget. Many of these I got signed, and a few, like Nightlights and An Embarrassment of Witches, I’ve already read and liked enough to get my own copy. I also have another gorgeous book from Beehive Books in this batch — A Voyage to Arcturus, which I believe is a classic sci-fi novel. I posted some photos of it on IG, so you can get a better look at the illustrations and details on the cover.

Meläg: Town of Fables by Bong Redila (illus.), transl. by Victor Barnuevo Velasco
Ballad for Sophie by Filipe Melo, illus. by Juan Cavia, transl. by Gabriela Soares
Magefront by Shea B (illus.)
Wash Day Diaries by Jamila Rowser, illus. by Robyn Smith
An Embarrassment of Witches by Sophie Goldstein (illus.) & Jenn Jordan
Grimoire Noir by Vera Greentea, illus. by Yana Bogatch
Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez (illus.)

A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay, illus. by Jim Woodring



I only get e-books if it’s something I need immediately, which was the case with The Shadow Saint (recommended to me by Aquavenatus and which I’m currently reading and enjoying), or if I got a deal on it, like with Mystic.

The Shadow Saint by Gareth Hanrahan
Mystic by Jason Denzel

That should be it for the rest of the year.


12 thoughts on “Book Haul #83: Small Press Expo Edition

  1. What a super haul! I didn’t know there were so many of those beardy books, I just love the cross-stitch style covers. I only buy e-books if they’re really cheap, or if I just cannot get the book in print, which happens with quite a lot of Canadian and Australian books, annoyingly, esp those about Indigenous peoples, even more annoyingly! Happy reading and good luck with the no-buying – I still haven’t spent last Christmas and birthday’s book tokens and I’m thinking I’m going to have to use them next year now!


    1. Oh, lol! I learned about that book around the same time I read your Justice of Kings review so I just thought it was you, lol, since many of the books on my TBR are there because of your reviews.


  2. A Voyage to Arcturus is the only one of those I’ve read. It is phantasmagoric – I know of no better word to describe it. I’m not 100% sure I know what that word means, but that’s okay, I don’t understand that book either.


  3. Wow, that’s quite a collection! I’ve not read any of them but hope to try Monstress pretty soon, and I’d like to try Fables one day. I like the cover for King of Spies. It certainly has a certain feel and era to it and I suspect I’d have purchased it strictly for that, hoping the story would match. Looks like you’ve got plenty of reading to do. 🙂


    1. Yes, plenty to read so no need for new books, lol! (Hopefully I’ll remember that.) Would love to know what you think of Monstress when you try it, whether or not you like it.


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