Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book Tag

It’s October, which means it’s cozy, spooky season. So for this month, my Book Tag Thursday posts will be dedicated to fall-inspired or Halloween-themed book tags, starting with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book Tag, which I found over on Way Too Fantasy.

It was created by Tea With Roses Tomes, who enjoyed the TV show.

Buffy Summers: The Chosen One
Choose a fictional character who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders.


Defintely Fitzchivalry from Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy. That dude carries the weight of the entire Six Duchies kingdom on his shoulders throughout all the books. The Farseer trilogy is the first set of books in an expansive fantasy series and focuses on the bastard son of a prince, Fitz, who becomes an assassin’s apprentice.

Xander Harris: The heart of the group but got jokes
Choose a fictional character who helps whenever needed, no matter the cost, and has a sense of humor.

Ron Weasley

I’m going with whoever pops in my mind first, and for this category, it was Ron, who is the heart of the trio — Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I mean, Harry and Hermione are all business, so it’s up to Ron to bring in the fun.

Willow Rosenburg: The powerful witch
Choose a fictional character who doesn’t know how powerful she truly is.

Morrigan Crow

Morrigan is from the Nevermoor series, middle-grade fantasy books about a girl, Morrigan, who everyone believes causes bad luck until she is whisked away to another world where she learns she’s quite special. The series has about three books out now, with more to come, and I believe that it’s in the third book that Morrigan begins to realize that she’s quite powerful.

Rupert Giles: The Watcher
Choose a fictional character who is like a father figure and watches over others

Myles of Olau

Myles is from Tamora Pierce’s books set in Tortall, namely the Song of the Lioness quartet, which is about a girl named Alanna posing as a boy so that she can become a knight. Myles serves as a father figure to Alanna.

Cordelia Chase: The Popular One
Choose a fictional character who shows tremendous character growth throughout a book/ series.

Jezal dan Luthar

Well, I wouldn’t call Jezal’s character growth “tremendous,” but it was noteworthy since, by the end of the First Law trilogy, he’d changed much from how he was in the first book — too damn self-obsessed. I believe it was in the second book that he went on adventures with Bayaz and co. that gave him some humility.

The Blade Itself is the first novel in the First Law trilogy, grimdark fantasy books that follow several characters in a world that seems intent on having several wars. (I still don’t know how to briefly describe the plot of these books.)

Angel/Angelus: The dark and brooding guy
Choose a character who has an evil side.


I don’t know if this is true, but I don’t trust Bayaz, and I think he’s actually evil. Whenever I get around to doing a review of Last Argument of Kings, the last book in the First Law trilogy, it will be filled with my predictions about Bayaz’s supposedly evil plans, because I don’t think that dude should be trusted.

Spike a.k.a. William the Bloody: The irresistible bad guy
Choose a character who is a villain but is a big softy when it comes to love.


Obviously my mind got stuck on characters from the First Law trilogy. I think Logen is a huge romantic — when the Bloody Nine isn’t around. But when the Bloody Nine pops up, the dude is straight villain.

Before They Are Hanged is the second novel in the First Law trilogy.

Tara: The precious cinnamon roll
Choose a character who identifies as LGBTQ+.


Jude is my favorite character from the Age of Darkness trilogy by Katy Rose Pool. I read two of the books so far. They are YA fantasy books set in a world inspired by Ancient Mediterranean society, cultures, and land forms. In it, some people have the ability to manipulate theirs and others’ eshas, or souls. So far throughout the books, Jude struggles with his identity and beliefs and therefore his ability, which makes him a very interesting character to read about.

Anya: The newly human who doesn’t understand humans
Choose a character who isn’t used to being human.


This was a hard one to think of an answer for, but I settled on Rat because I couldn’t think of a character who seems very inhuman. Rat is a ghoul, a creature that I think was once a human, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, ghouls live beneath the city of Guerdon and feed on the “soul stuff” of the dead, which are dumped down chutes for the ghouls to feed on. Guerdon is, so far, the main setting of the Black Iron Legacy series, grimdark fantasy books about gods gone mad and at war, and humans and countries being caught up in it. I’m currently reading the second novel, The Shadow Saint. The Gutter Prayer is the first novel.

Dawn Summers: The annoying little sister
Choose a character who you found to be very annoying.

Sophie Foster

Sophie is the protagonist of Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, middle-grade fantasy books about a girl who learns she’s an elf and doesn’t belong in the human world. I was annoyed by her while reading the book, but I’ve since forgotten why.

Faith: The other chosen one who is the black sheep but is STILL a badass!
Choose a character you love to hate.


I could have chosen her for the annoying character category. I’m not a fan of Nynaeve. She makes me want to tug my braids whenever I read her chapters in the Wheel of Time books — a high-fantasy series about farm boys who learn that they are integral to saving the world and that one of them is the chosen one. Eye of the World is the first book.

And that’s it for this book tag.

18 thoughts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book Tag

    1. He did. I’m now on the next book, Best Served Cold, I think. I’m hoping Bayaz pops up in it to prove my evil wizard theory to myself… Although none of the characters are “good guys,” but we’re set up to trust Bayaz and I don’t.

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  1. Will have to do this tag once I’ve worked up sufficient bile about Xander.

    Also I like your Myles choice, and can tell you now I’ll be going outside books for Cordelia, because I was going to go tut-tut at you for not using Zuko there until I went “oh yea… book tag”.


    1. Lol! I’ll look out for your post then.
      Omg! Zuko is the best answer! I can’t believe he didn’t come to mind for me! I wrote it up after work. Just shows how tired my mind was. Ugh! Can’t believe I didn’t think of Zuko.

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    1. Lol maybe you should do the tag too. Somehow I managed not to watch the show when I was younger, which is quite impressive since it’s the type of thing I’d have liked.

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