Cat Markings Book Tag

It’s time for Book Tag Thursday!!

This time, I’m doing the Cat Markings Book Tag, which was created by Laura at Corner of Laura, who loves cats. I wouldn’t say I love cats, but since the Jinster joined my family, I’ve grown fond of them and even toy with the idea of getting a cat of my own… and then I start thinking it’s a lot of responsibility and then change my mind, lol.

Anyway… the tag.

The graphics below were created by Laura.

Black Cats: Pick a book that doesn’t get the love it deserves.

Middle Passage by Charles Johnson

It’s historical fiction but also a high-seas adventure with a touch of fantasy. It’s about a freed slave who stows away on a slave ship that’s bound for Africa to pick up the mysterious Allmuseri people. It’s an entertaining read but not many people seem to have read it.

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