Cat Markings Book Tag

It’s time for Book Tag Thursday!!

This time, I’m doing the Cat Markings Book Tag, which was created by Laura at Corner of Laura, who loves cats. I wouldn’t say I love cats, but since the Jinster joined my family, I’ve grown fond of them and even toy with the idea of getting a cat of my own… and then I start thinking it’s a lot of responsibility and then change my mind, lol.

Anyway… the tag.

The graphics below were created by Laura.

Black Cats: Pick a book that doesn’t get the love it deserves.

Middle Passage by Charles Johnson

It’s historical fiction but also a high-seas adventure with a touch of fantasy. It’s about a freed slave who stows away on a slave ship that’s bound for Africa to pick up the mysterious Allmuseri people. It’s an entertaining read but not many people seem to have read it.

White Cats: Pick a book with great disability rep.

Avatar the Last Air-Bender

I’ve decided to go with the Avatar series because Toph, a character who’s blind, is one of the best in the story. Of all the characters, she’s the most self-assured and grounded in who she is. The Avatar series is one of the most wonderful stories I’ve encountered. If you’ve never seen the show, which originally aired on Nickelodeon, then I highly encourage you to check it out.

Ginger Cats: Name your favourite male character.

Maia from The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

Maia is one of my favorite male characters because of his development in Addison’s Goblin Emperor, which is a fantasy novel about a young half-goblin, Maia, who suddenly becomes emperor of his father’s elvish kingdom following a fatal accident. The Goblin Emperor is a sweet, cozy, character-driven read that I highly recommend.

Tortoiseshell Cats: Name your favourite female character.

Nanny Ogg from the Discworld series

She’s my favorite of the Lancre witches, which also includes Granny Weatherwax and Magrat Garlick. Nanny Ogg is pure fun to read about and loves to have a good time and poke at Granny. Discworld is a series of fantasy books set in a flat world that lies atop the backs of four elephants standing on the shell of a giant turtle that’s floating through space.

Calico Cats: Name a character you wish was your best friend.

Chet from Moonstruck series by Grace Ellis, illus. by Shae Beagle

There isn’t a character I’d like to be best friends with, but Chet is one of the best friends I’ve read about. They’re very supportive and encouraging toward their bestie, Julie, a werewolf and the protagonist of this fantasy comic-book series that’s set in a college town but mostly focuses on fantasy creatures. Chet is a centaur.

Tabby Cats: Name a character who’s the life and soul of the party.

Dionysus from the Wicked + the Divine series by Kieron Gillen, illus. by Jamie McKelvie

Oh man! I’ve already mentioned two characters who’d fit this category well — Chet and Nanny Ogg. Well, I guess the next best character for this is Dionysus, a god of partying. (Above, Dionysus is the one with the black speech bubble.) The Dionysus I’m showing above is from the Wicked + the Divine fantasy comic-book series. It’s set in the modern world and is about gods being reincarnated as pop stars. The artwork in this series is stunning, and the story is great. There’s a bit of mystery to it.

A Clowder of Cats: Name your favourite fictional squad.

Mustang Unit from the Fullmetal Alchemist series by Hiromu Arakawa (illus.)

I’m not sure if that’s what they are called in the manga and the animes, but it’s what popped up on the Wiki page. The crew consists of Riza Hawkeye (love her!), Vato Falman, Kain Fuery, Jean Havoc, Heymans Breda, and of course, Roy Mustang — but can’t forget Black Hayate, Riza’s dog who’s basically part of the crew. Fullmetal Alchemist is a fantasy manga series about two brothers trying to restore their bodies following a failed experiment. To do so, they joined the miliary, where they become acquainted with Roy Mustang and his crew. It’s such a great read, and the manga was adapted for two animes. I highly recommend the manga and the animes. If you enjoy Avatar: the Last Air-Bender, you’ll most likely enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist too.

If you love cats, then I tag you!

12 thoughts on “Cat Markings Book Tag

  1. This tag is so cute!! And you mentioned a lot kf interesting characters! Toph is really amazing and Maia is the sweetest ever! I don’t know who my favorite character in The Witches series is, because it changes with the mood, but Pratchett’s characters tend to be pretty amazing!
    And I used to be a cat person, but now I am more a dog person, evwn if I still love cats!


    1. Lol I like how your fav witches character depends on your mood.
      These days I wonder if I’ll ever be a dog person. So far, I don’t like them because they’re too friendly, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am glad to see you’re being slowly suborned to the cat side. It’s not really all that much responsibility to have one either. You’ve just got to worship it for an hour or two a day and leave it alone the rest of it, even if it’s sat in your lap and not letting you move. Simples!

    Also wonderful choices, I think I might be doing this very soon…


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