Top Ten Tuesday #56: Series Catch Up

I often see people create lists like this and have often toyed with doing the same. But it wasn’t until now, when it’s a topic for a Top Ten Tuesday, that I finally sat down to throw one together. Due to my nature of hardly ever finishing series — I either get distracted by a new book or enjoy a story so much that I procrastinate on reading its end — this list is quite long. I could have stuck to the top 10, but I wondered, why limit myself? Why not list ALL the series I’d like to complete/catch up on so that I can refer to this list whenever I have a need? So I went overboard and listed over 60 series to finish: 😆😨😱

My list is divided by genre; however, I’ve relegated comics to its own section since I have so many to catch up on. I’ll mention the most recent book in the series I’ve read, the next one I need to read, and a tidbit about the series, in case anyone’s interested in what they’re about. The book pics are of the most recent series installment I read. I’ll also include a honorable mentions section as well for series I’ve completed but the story/characters continue/appear in another series I’d like to try.

I’ll kick things off with…

Romance (3 series)

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