Classic Christmas Cinema Book Tag

It’s a busy time. It’s a festive time, and I want to indulge in the Christmas cheer on my blog, so here’s another Christmas-themed book tag (which I actually began last year but didn’t finish, lol. I’ll just pick up from where I left off, which means I’ll repeat some answers from the most-recent tag I did).

I found the Classic Christmas Cinema Book Tag over on Embuhleeliest, my buddy-reader in all things Hobb and Abercrombie and whatever else we decide to read, lol! The tag was created by booktuber TwoBookTeens.

Elf: Choose a book that puts you in the Christmas mood.

Klaus: How Santa Claus Began by Grant Morrison, illus. by Dan Mora

Okay, so I’ve only read this once and it actually doesn’t put me in the Christmas mood, but I wanted to feature it anyway because I’ve mentioned the Harry Potter books too many times already (they’re my Christmas books).

Klaus is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel about a sexy-ass Santa Klaus trying to bring the Yuletime spirit back to a town that’s been plunged into darkness and despair. It’s a light, entertaining read with lots of action paired with amazing illustrations by Mora.

It’s a Wonderful Life: Choose a book with a character who goes through some serious character development.


Nevare is the protagonist from Robin Hobb’s Soldier Son trilogy, fantasy books about a boy who believes he’s destined to become a soldier and fights against the changes that try to thwart him from that path. Nev goes through some serious character development throughout this series. By the end, he’s certainly nothing like how he was at the beginning.

Christmas Carol: Choose a book/series with a character you didn’t like at first but grew to love.


But what I mean is that I now like the character because how she’s portrayed in the TV show appeals to me more than how she’s portrayed in the books. In the TV show she seems capable, observant, and convinces me that she may be a Wisdom. In the books she often comes off as immature, making me wonder why/how she became a Wisdom.

Home Alone: Choose a book where the parents aren’t present, and if they are, they aren’t such a good influence.

Juniper Berry: A Tale of Terror and Temptation by M.P. Kozlowsky, illus. by Erwin Madrid

It’s been a while since I read this. It’s middle-grade horror about a girl trying to find out what has caused her parents to change after they achieved what they most desire. I remember really liking this one and thinking it was a little creepy, but I scare easily so that’s not saying much.

Frosty the Snowman: Find a book with a snowy cover.

Above the Timberline by Gregory Manchess

It’s sci-fi novel set in a frozen post-apocalyptic world about a young man searching for his father, a famous explorer who was searching for a lost city buried under the snow. The story is accompanied by gorgeous paintings, making this book a great idea for a Christmas gift.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: Choose a protagonist you couldn’t help but root for.

Maia from The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

Maia is such a sweetheart. He’s the half-goblin protagonist in Addison’s fantasy novel, which is about Maia assuming his father’s elvish throne following a fateful accident. Maia is ill prepared to rule, but he tries his best. The story is like a character study of Maia as it focuses closely on him and his experiences, so we can’t help but care about him.

Polar Express: Find a book where characters travel somewhere cold.

Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy

Orphaned twins Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm travel to South Polaris, a cold wilderness, in Hardy’s middle-grade fantasy novel Brightstorm. The twins’ father, a famous explorer, had disappeared and then seditious rumours about him started to spread. Refusing to believe the rumours, the twins secure a place on an exploration to South Polaris to find out the truth about their father’s disappearance. It’s a fun read.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Choose a villain you couldn’t help but love.


Thanos is one of my favorite characters from those Avengers movies. Can’t help but like his… inevitability, lol. The Avengers can’t stop him.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Choose a character with a goofy sense of humor.


That’s Leo from Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus series, which begins with The Lost Hero. This series of books follow the Percy Jackson ones. They are about young demigods trying to save the world. Leo is a child of Hephaestus. He’s good with his hands and has a goofy sense of humor indeed.

A Lifetime/Hallmark movie: Choose a book with the cheesiest romance.

Kissing Galileo by Penny Reid

It’s a romance novel I recently read and enjoyed, and yea, it was a bit cheesy too. It’s the second novel in Reid’s Dear Professor series (looks like it’s a duology). It’s about a young woman who falls for her college professor.

If you’re starting to feel the Christmas spirit too, then I tag you!

4 thoughts on “Classic Christmas Cinema Book Tag

  1. It’s funny you mention Above the Timberline being a great idea for a Christmas gift. I think that’s how I received my copy. 🙂 Merry Christmas, Zezee!


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