Books I DNF But Didn’t Chat About

I do a roundup of books I did not finish (DNF) every now and then because I often otherwise don’t chat about them. I don’t often give up on books (although I wish I did) and unlike most people, I sometimes rate books I DNF if I’ve formed a strong opinion about them or have developed strong feelings about what I read.

I usually do a full review for those I end up rating to explain the reason for the low rating, but for others, like those below, they fall into this roundup of reads.

Previous DNF roundups:

John Constantine, Hellblazer, Vol. 1: Original Sins by Jamie Delano & Rick Veitch, illus. by John Ridgway, Alfredo Alcala, Rick Veitch, Tom Mandrake, Brett Ewins, & Jim McCarthy




John Constantine, Hellblazer




I managed to read all of Hellblazer #1 and #2 and part of #3 before giving up. The first and second issues focus on John Constantine helping out a friend with a hunger spirit. The friend had travelled to an African country and accidentally picked up the spirit there when trying to help a tongueless child. Realizing he’s way out of his league with this spirit, he tries shipping it to Constantine after first trapping it in a bottle. But the spirit gets loose and starts infecting people in NYC who begin gorging on food despite seeming more and more malnourished. Using his friend, who’s addicted to heroin, as bait for the spirit, Constantine works with Papa Midnite, voodoo priest and crime kingpin, to trap the spirit.

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