Characters of the Year Book Tag | 2022

Hey, it’s Book Tag Thursday and this time I’m doing the Characters of the Year Book Tag, which I think was created by Amanda at A Brighter Shade of Hope, whose blog seems to no longer be around.

Favorite male character of the year

Sand Dan Glokta from the First Law trilogy
Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie

I don’t think there was a male character who stood out to me last year, except maybe Glokta, who I also chose as my favorite male character of 2021.

Glokta is a war hero and was once a master swordsman, but his experiences during a war with the Gurkish left him crippled and in constant pain. He’s a bitter man who works for the Inquisition, interrogating people via torture, but I like him for his sarcasm. I enjoyed reading from his perspective the most.

Favorite female character of the year

Phedre from Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey

Unlike in 2021, I do not have a female character who stuck with me all year. Actually, none really stand out for 2022, so I took the easy way out here and chose Phedre, the protagonist in Kushiel’s Avatar, the last book in a fantasy trilogy about a courtesan, Phedre, who’s trained as a spy and uses her talents to save her country and friends many times. I like how confident and proud Phedre is, although it borders on arrogance.

Most relatable character of the year

Unnamed protagonist in Book Love by Debbie Tung (illus.)

Easy — it’s definitely the character from Book Love because she’s as big a book nerd as I am. I could relate to all the situations featured in this graphic novel about a book lover’s bookish antics.

Couple of the year

Hazel Johnson & Mari McCray from Bingo Love by by Tee Franklin, illus. by Jenn St-Onge

It’s probably Hazel and Mari from Bingo Love. I enjoyed reading about their romantic relationship as adults, although I don’t like how it started. It was nice that Hazel was able to be with her soulmate, someone who fully loves and respects her.

Bingo Love is a standalone YA contemporary, queer-romance comic book about the how a woman met the love of her life.

Villain of the year

Bayaz from the First Law trilogy
Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

I don’t care what anyone says, or even what the story says (if I turn out to be wrong), but I don’t trust this dude! I think he’s eeeevil!!!

Most disliked character of the year

Julie from Moonstruck, Vol. 3: Troubled Waters by Grace Ellis, illus. by Shae Beagle and Claudia Aguirre

I enjoy this YA fantasy comic-book series set in a college town, but it’s about Julie, a werewolf, and I don’t like Julie. Julie just always annoys me. I get that she has a lot of insecurity and anxiety that she’s working through, but I often wish the story was about someone else.

Royal of the year


Sidekick/non-main character of the year

Cosca from Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie

Abercrombie writes great characters. That’s why his books are mentioned so often on here. Cosca appears in the First Law trilogy, and I liked him there too, but we get more of him in Best Served Cold, and he was even more entertaining there.

Sibling of the year

Winston brothers from Beard Science by Penny Reid

I enjoy reading about the Winston family in this contemporary-romance series that I’ve fallen for.

Monster of the year

Night Doctors from Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark

I made up this category simply because I want to mention the Night Doctors, who creeped me out more than the Ku Klux Klan being demonic monsters. Ring Shout is a fantasy novella about three black women hunting demonic members of the Klan.

That’s it for me.

Do you have a favorite character of the year?

16 thoughts on “Characters of the Year Book Tag | 2022

    1. It was. It’s one I’d like to reread. I wasn’t in the mood when I read it and I think that prevented me from enjoying it as much as I otherwise would.


  1. You’ve instrouced me to a bunch of new characters and authors in this list, but Ring Shout is definitely one above the rest!!


  2. Oooo! This was a fun read and a fun lil tag! I do apologize for jumping on your post to ask – but are these book tags a free for all prompt (with crediting of course)? I keep seeing these popping up and I’m just curious about the etiquette I guess. 😅


    1. No prob at all to ask. And yes, they are. The idea is to do it and then tag whoever you’d like to do it too, but I’ve stopped tagging folks since not everyone likes doing tags or being tagged for them. But if you want to do it, certainly give it a try. They are fun, some are repetitive, but it’s a great way to recommend books and some can force you to think of what you’ve read in a different way. I’ve done a ton, so if you’re looking for ones to do, you can check out my list of them. I always credit the creator, even if their blog/post/video isn’t around any more.

      A Long List of Book Tags

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