January Book Tag

Umm, so because I’m unprepared for the week, blogwise, I’ve decided to declare a BOOK TAG WEEK!! Yes, it’s time to partake in this wonderful bloggy holiday of mine.

Since January is still hanging around, I’ll do this January Book Tag I found on A Little But a Lot. The tag was created by booktuber Emma for Book Break, a YouTube channel by the publisher PanMcMillan U.K.

What’s a book you’ve read so far in 2023 that’s cheered you up?

Olympians, Vol. 1: Zeus: King of the Gods by George O’Connor (illus.)

Well, I’ve read a variety of things since the year started, but none of them was very cheering. However I chose the first volume of Olympians here, Zeus: King of the Gods, because it was a fun read and I think a great way to introduce kids to Greek mythology.

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