Comics Roundup #70: MG & YA Comics

Recently, I read a mish-mash of graphic novels geared toward middle-grade and young-adult readers. Since I’m not in the mood to do a separate post for each, I’ll try to share my thoughts for all of them in this post.

These comics range from fantastical to contemporary and were all pretty good reads.

Zeus: King of the Gods by George O’Connor (illus.)


MG Fantasy


Olympians, volume 1




Zeus: King of the Gods kicks off the first volume in O’Connor’s fantasy middle-grade comic-book retelling of the Greek myths. In this one, we begin learning about the progeny of the powerful earth goddess, Gaea, and the sky god, Ouranos, and the kids they created, including the Olympians. The story takes us from the beginning of everything to when Zeus and his kin defeat Kronos. (Goodreads)

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