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It's great to take yourself on a date sometimes, especially after a stressful week. In love with this Ginger Hot Chocolate @ Ihop
It’s great to take yourself on a date sometimes, especially after a stressful week. In love with this Ginger Hot Chocolate @ Ihop

7.12.2020, update:

It’s been 6 years since I last updated my About page. I was willing to leave it as it is but then thought it might be beneficial to update it… maybe? I’ll keep the old updates (as I usually do) because I like the silliness in them. Anyway, this is Zezee in 2020:

from Jamaica
in the U.S.
reads just about anything but loves fantasy (adult and middle grade), literary fiction, comics, picture books

8.8.2014, update:

on a serious note (since I’ve noticed that I have nothing identifying myself on here, so 3 quick facts:

still a lover and hoarder of books (even worse now that I get free books from my job)
as some can tell, I’m a Jamaican native transplated to the U.S…..guess that makes me a Jamerican
don’t know where this life of mine will lead but I plan to read, write, and draw as much as I can while I live it….hopefully it carries me to where I want to be.

 3.27.2013, update:

a lover and hoarder of books….
my head is cocked to the side, thinking….
a young professional, bored, but with a job….
want to spend my life writing and drawing and travelling….
the ringing of silence drives me crazy, ARRGGHHH!!!!….

the beginning:

a lover and hoarder of books…
touched in the head by the whimsy….
a recent grad with nothing better to do….
want to spend my life writing and drawing and traveling….
don’t like to be surrounded by blank, white walls, ARRGGHHH!!!!….

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230 thoughts on “About Zezee

  1. Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself.

    Also, thank you for pointing out that IHOP sells Ginger hot chocolate. My sister from another mister would love this. She loves ginger and she loves hot chocolate.



    1. Well…lol, I tend toward finding ways to expand the space but these days I take a critical look at the books I own n donate those I hate or REALLY will not read to the library or lil free libraries. What do you do?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have officially reached a point where I have too many books and either I open an online bookstore or hire someone to haul away a lot of it. I sort of jest but it’s a lot of books. I have given some away. I do the little neighborhood library rounds too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi ZeZee thanks for the follow and stopping by my blog. You have a great blog and I like your witty and humorous style you write. Will keep coming back for it more.
    And like this quote on your blog “Men heap together the mistakes of their lives and create a monster they call destiny.” – it kind of suits me 😀


      1. Welcome, its my pleasure 🙂 Ok i c, yeah I agree with you about destiny being a monster. It has wrecked havoc in my life !!


  3. You’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award. For instruction for acceptance, please go to my blog at anthrode.wordpress.com.. Great blog, Lucy and Congrats.


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