Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 10 | Totally Fantasy (begins)

Time for some fun stuff: Fantasy!! 😀 😀

We’re finally here at one of my favorite shelves, the overstuffed fantasy shelf that barely has room for the two books I just ordered. Ah, well. This shelf has only fantasy books, many of which I’ve never read. I thought I’d be able to blaze through a bunch of unread books during this corona quarantine, but somehow that hasn’t happened. I wonder what I’ve been doing.

I believe this shelf might hold more books than the others because many are mass market paperbacks, so they take up less room causing me to stuff more books on these shelves. (I love mass market books for that.) I am beginning to wonder if the amount of books my book database tells me I have (over 1000) will match up to the number I’ll get at the end of this tour (stats below). Of course, that 1000 number includes e-books and audiobooks, but I still wonder because I’m almost done with this 3-books-deep bookcase (I’m being hopeful), and I haven’t even gotten to the 500 mark yet. Maybe I’ll get there at the end of this shelf.

Anyway, here’s the bookcase we’re still touring.

And here’s the first row of the fantasy shelf, which is the fourth shelf from the bottom or the second shelf from the top:

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 9 | Hints at Fantasy (continues)

You know what? Although I own a lot of books, I have a good idea of what I do own and what I don’t. Only once have I unintentionally bought the same book twice and that’s because the copy of Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist I first owned was the e-book version and I always forget what e-books I own, so I ended up buying the physical copy, which I think I got on discount.

But if it’s a physical book, I have a pretty good idea whether or not I own it. If it’s an e-book, I have no idea. It’s harder to remember if I own those or not. I guess it’s because I don’t have a sensory memory attached to them. With my physical books, I remember either pulling the book from the shelf in the store or touching or smelling the pages, or caressing the cover because I like the feel of it. Those sensations strengthen my memory of the physical book.

With e-books, all I do is look and click and move on to something else. The time spent with them is shorter and kind of impersonal. No wonder I don’t remember them.

Well, let’s get back to this 3-books-deep bookcase.

We’re wrapping up the third shelf from bottom, which has a variety of books but mostly fantasy. We’re now on the third row, which surprised me because of the amount of nonfiction that’s on it. (I was wondering where these books were! They were supposed to be in the last row of the second shelf from the bottom. I was a little worried when we toured that shelf and I didn’t see them there. I was ready to tear my house apart and harass my family (j/k) to find them.)

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 8 | Hints at Fantasy (continues)

So how do you keep track of your books? I currently own over 1,000 physical and e-books (more physical than e-books, of course) says my book database. I hardly ever lend my books to anyone because those I’ve loaned my books to in the past proved to me that people don’t often care about books, and I’m very particular about mine, meaning no bent pages, no cracked spines, and no soiling or writing on the pages either. I like my books pristine, although messing them up is unavoidable sometimes.

But, since I own so many, I like to keep track of them so that I don’t unintentionally buy the same book twice (totally okay to do so intentionally). At first, I considered using Excel to keep track of them but because I wanted something that would also allow me to see the book covers and do all sorts of other things, I searched for a book database app and found I use their book database app to keep track of my books.

It works for me. I enjoy using it, but you do have to purchase it if you enter over 100 books. (And no, this isn’t some sort of advertisement. I’m just talking about what I use.) I like it because I can place my books in categories and can enter details like when and where I bought the book and its condition and can even include links to my review posts. What I love the most, of course, is that I get to view the books by their covers. Here’s what I mean:

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 7 | Hints at Fantasy (begins)

Finally! We’re on a row that features some fantasy books. But don’t get your hopes up because I don’t think the row behind this one has fantasy books. Or maybe it does… I don’t know. It’s a weird shelf.

So yea, my bookshelf tour continues. So far, I’ve been publishing these posts once a week and will continue to do so until I run out of shelves and books…maybe sometime in the fall/winter months, lol.

I’ve been working through this bookcase, which is stacked 3 books deep.

I started with the shelf at the very bottom, the nonfiction shelf; then I moved to the one above it, which I call my general fiction shelf because it has everything except fantasy novels on it. And now I’m on the third shelf from the bottom. The weird one.

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 6 | General Fiction (continues)

Hardcover vs. paperback: Which do you prefer?

I’ll choose a paperback every time. I just don’t see the appeal of hardcover books. Those things are heavy! And they always poke me in my eye. I don’t like them, and I don’t think they like me. 😦

I have a few hardcover books on my shelves. They got there either because I was too excited for a book and couldn’t bother waiting for the paperback to be published years later, or because they were bought second-hand so the hardback was cheaper than purchasing a brand new paperback, or because it’s a series and the first couple books are hardcover so I continued with that to keep the books the same size. (This last one only applies to my Rick Riordan books.) Otherwise, it’s paperback all the way.

And it’s trade paperback I prefer, not those mass market ones. The trades often have better cover design, I think; and more of them can fit on my shelves than those horrible hardcovers. Sometimes the designers do something fun on the hardcovers, like sprayed edges and stuff, which makes me mad because that means I have to buy the hardcover. I’m a sucker for a beautifully designed book. Still, those things are too damn heavy and take up too much space. I can’t love them. I prefer my trade paperbacks, which are the majority of the books on this 3-books-deep bookcase we’re still touring.

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 5 | General Fiction (continues)

How do you organize your bookshelves?

Everyone does it a different way. If I had the space, I’d have only one row of books and organize them by genre and then alphabetical by the author’s last name. It would make it easier for me to find my books, and my shelves would look neater as well. Or, I might amuse myself by organizing them by color or by size. That would be aesthetically pleasing to my living space.

But that’s a dream for now. In real life, my shelves are organized by genre only, which you’ll be able to tell as you follow along with this tour. I try to keep series together or books by the same author within a genre together, but after that it’s whatever book I grab goes into whatever space it can fit — a free for all almost. I do try to place the hardcover books in the back, since they are usually taller, to make my shelves seem neat, but it’s mostly so that there’s enough space above the row of books to stuff in more books.

I also separate books by the ages they are intended for, so middle-grade books, YA books, and adult books are all on separate shelves. But you might find an errant book mixed in somewhere it’s not supposed to be. That’s probably because I got frustrated and placed it in whatever space I found. That happens sometimes. I’ll wake up on a bright sunny day with high hopes of successfully organizing my shelves only to be surrounded by mountains of books at nightfall having made little progress (due to stopping to read or reminisce about a book) and feeling so frustrated that I just start throwing books on the shelves and giving up, lol.

Anyway, we’re still on the 3-books-deep bookcase…

…but we’re touring the second shelf from the bottom which houses my general fiction books (basically every genre except fantasy). We’re on the second row now. Take a look!

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 4 | General Fiction (begins)

So I just realized what a task this is to tour my bookshelves. There are so many books on them, especially this bookcase because it’s stacked 3-books deep. Whenever I clean or reorganize it, I wonder where all these books came from, what am I doing with them all, will I actually read them? Should I start doing the KonMari Method and chuck them out? Doing so would free up a lot of space but would leave me feeling deprived and missing my books.

I don’t think I could ever get rid of them. There was a low moment when I was battling student loans (I’m still battling them) when I wondered if selling all my books could help me pay down my loans. I convinced myself that doing so wouldn’t help, which was a good thing because now I get to do this tour!

So we’re still on this 3-books-deep bookcase

(we’ll be on it for a while) but now we’re touring the second shelf from from the bottom, which means we’re done with nonfiction books for now, sort of.

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 3 | Nonfiction (continues)

Here we are again to take another look at my bookshelves. Well, the one bookshelf I’ve been showing this whole time because it’s so deep. This iteration of my bookshelf tour wraps up my nonfiction shelf, I think. It’s possible that the nonfiction books continue on the shelf above it, but I can’t remember.

Well, here is the bookcase we’re currently touring. It’s stacked 3-books-deep.

And we’re reviewing the last row of the shelf at the very bottom. Take a look:

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Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 2 | Nonfiction (continues)

This is something I recently started doing based on a poll I did and me just wanting to do a bookshelf tour, lol! I can’t help myself. I love this sort of thing and enjoy checking out tour posts and videos. I think they give us the opportunity to mention books we wouldn’t otherwise talk about or haven’t talked about often, books that we probably read before we started blogging. It also shows how varied a person’s reading taste and/or book collection might be. Sometimes a title might be on the shelf that you’d never have guessed the person to own or have read.

Well, the books in my collection might not be surprising (or maybe they are, I don’t know), but I hope a few will grab your interest.

I’m still working on the last shelf (the one waaaay at the bottom) of this book case, which is stacked 3-books-deep.

It contains the majority of my nonfiction books: mythology, psychology, philosophy, writing, language mechanics, and a little history. Here’s a look at the second row of the last shelf.

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Weekend Reads #101: Bookshelf Tour!!

Weekend Reads will now include my…. bookshelf tour!! 😀 😀

A couple weeks ago, I did my first poll to see if y’all would be interested in one and several of you voted that I should go ahead with it, so I’m happy to comply. 🙂 I keep the majority of my books on these two deep, white bookcases, which I’ll be giving a tour of in my Weekend Reads posts.

The bookcase on the left is double-stacked on each shelf, and the one on the right is triple-stacked on each shelf. I simply have too many damn books and should probably get rid of a few, but it’s so hard for me to let a book go. Is it the same for you too?

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