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The following links will direct you to lists of books I’ve reviewed on here.

All books includes all books, fiction and nonfiction, but excludes comics and graphic novels.

I’ve also created lists to highlight other types of books I’ve discussed, such as illustrated books and books on writing.

all books

comics & graphic novels

illustrated books

books on writing

books on books, or reading



16 thoughts on “Quick Find: books read

  1. Hey,
    i see you have the crane as pending to read, this is so cool man i just reread and think it’s still great, a classic i think.
    No X or U i noted as well,
    X – village of stone by xiaolu is a quirky little novel on my shelves 5/5 i give it, tells a story of Chinese harshness and it’s attitude towards women.

    The only U i could find is ‘ in the middle of nowhere ‘ by terry underwood, ex library book that i haven’t read yet so won’t recommend,
    u’s seem to be very rare, let us know if you come across any of note.
    We could put le guin URSULA there 😜


  2. You don’t have anything under Z, zee!!!
    I would highly recommend reiner zimnik’s
    ‘the crane ‘
    Which I think is categorised as childrens literature, not sure about that though.
    I think you would like this book, it really touched me ( i suppose cause i was dealing with loss at the time)
    But really this book is awesome.

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    1. Ps
      i was looking here to see if you have read any justin Cronin, who’ll be here @ the piano on the 15th. Discussing his trilogy and the like.


        1. No not yet, I’m not even into trilogys as such, i think the only one I’ve read is kings ” the gun runner trilogy which i thought the first book good, second so-so, third blah blah blah.
          I have Greg larsons dragon tattoo trilogy on my shelves but i saw the DVD of the girl with the dragon tattoo a few weeks ago and thought it vile rubbish and threw the smashed up pieces in the trash so i don’t think I’ll be reading his books on violent rape any time soon.

          It will be interesting to meet Cronin and maybe discuss success or failure or maybe just have a beer and laugh at the wackyness of life,
          The booky crowds should be a hoot too,
          I gotta be over that way anywho’s to fix the high chiefs Volvo so he/we can teach his young son Rico how to drive, i gunna tease his daughters who are about my age, about becoming taupuo (ceremonial virgins, tasked with the entertainment of visitors) until they kick my arse at least.
          Then those graphic novels i ordered should be there which just leaves taking some more photos of the ruins /rebuild filling my soul with some city soundz, then heading back home to see if it still remembers me 😕

          Sorry for the long reply /rant.


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