Finally, a Nook

Nook Color: available in Barnes & Noble
I’ve unwittingly fallen in love with it, a bit.

I still believe e-books are despicable things though I now own one (and have secretly wanted one since forever). I don’t even know what to read on it. I have a hard time deciding. Should I only read romance novels on it? It would be easier to hide from prying, judging eyes and I could enjoy the rapture of lust in privacy without everyone knowing why I squirm so much in my seat while reading.

In a way, I feel as if I’ve fell from grace. I feel as if I’ve flung my archaic books aside and ran off with the first young thing that came along. I feel like Judas. Betrayer. I feel like my books stare at me with hate and displeasure while I sleep, wondering if they should lay gently across my face and suffocate me in my sleep as a way to rid the world of another book-betrayer.

There’s not much for them to worry about though. I still feel odd holding and reading on the Nook. The experience is not the same but I think the Nook is growing on me. Efficiency tends to do that. Being able to carry a device that contains many books rather than lugging around 10 at a time, as I’m prone to do, makes the Nook shine in my eyes like a Siren on a rocky coast that beguiles sailors to come closer. I feel like a crash is coming.

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What is the fate of books today?

These e-book thingies are becoming more popular and Borders is closing. It’s like an apocalypse is about to take place in my literary life.

THE MACHINES ARE TAKING OVER!!! My brain screams each time that I see one of those horrid e-books. I mean, what enjoyment can you get out of an e-book? You open the case to face a blank screen that you then program to show you a story. That’s not an experience. An experience is taking down an old, dusty book from the large cabinet in the attic, blowing off the thick dust, and opening the cover to breathe in the musty air of mildewed pages that almost turn you away but instead your curiosity gets the better of you and you continue to turn the stiff, brittle pages until you get to the first word of the beginning of a story that grabs and takes hold of your attention and interest, not letting go until you’ve reached the end. It’s either that or entering a book store, purchasing a brand new novel that you can’t help but to caress the smooth pages of, and constantly stare at the amazing artwork on the cover. And every time that you open the book, you just have to deeply breathe in that new book smell.

Books were an adventure waiting to happen. It was a guarantee that you could travel to any place or realm and live any life. Although the same words and artwork are available on the e-reader, the experience is so different. When I finish I story, I enjoy closing the book. It gives a sense of finality to the experience. I tend to think, “That’s another one conquered!” With an e-book, this is not possible. You can close the cover of the case and think a similar thought, but when you are ready to read again, it is the same case that you open. But despite my sentiments towards these technological advancements in the literary area, people are still crazy for them. I wonder if this is one of the causes that pushed Borders to liquidation?

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