Wishes for My TBR Pile #22: It’s back

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these; not since last June, actually. That’s about half a year ago. I’ve since forgotten why I fell off with these posts, probably because I was busy for much of the second half of last year, but I’d like to start posting them again.

Wishes for My TBR Pile is a monthly post where I list and sometimes discuss the books I’ve discovered and would like to get and read. I refer to these lists whenever I visit a bookstore and can’t decide on what to get. But since this year is about being disciplined, budgeting and buying less, I will use these lists to guide what I borrow from the library.

Just to be clear, I haven’t read any of the books on this list. Also, the majority of them are old books, meaning they weren’t published in 2018 and probably not in 2017 either. If I made note of where I first heard of the book, I’ll include a link to the source, so you can check out the review (it’s usually a review) or mention.

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Characters of the Year Book Tag | 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag on here, not since Christmas, to be exact, which is a crime. So here I am with the Characters of the Year Book Tag, or award, if you want to think of it that way, which I found on the Orangutan Librarian. I consider myself tagged by her because I can.

After a little searching, I found that the tag was created by Amanda, A Brighter Shade of Hope.

Favorite male character of the year

Durzo Blint

Flippin Durzo Blint, the badass assassin from Brent Week’s The Way of Shadows. Blint’s personality is a major reason why I enjoyed this book and consider it a favorite. It was such an entertaining read.

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“The Bear and the Nightingale” by Katherine Arden

This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017. I was so eager to read it, but for some reason, I delayed doing so until later in the year. I was also convinced I would love it. I’d read/listened to a few interviews with Arden and loved what she said about her book and the books that have inspired her over the years. It all made me excited for The Bear and the Nightingale. But maybe I was too excited and eager because when I did read the novel, I thought it underwhelming and didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Quick summary:

The Bear and the Nightingale is the first novel in a YA fantasy trilogy seeped in Russian history and folklore. It’s about a girl, Vasilia “Vasya” Petrovna, who was born with the fabled powers her grandmother possessed. Vasya can communicate with spirits, fey creatures who protect the hearth and home and help make her father’s lands prosperous.

Vasya’s father is a boyar, a royal who’s similar to a prince, but his lands lay in northern Russia, where winters can be hard and harsh. Though affluent, not many people live on his lands and I got the impression that he oversees a small village of people who help to maintain his lands. Vasya is the youngest of her siblings. Her mother died during childbirth, convinced that finally she has given birth to a child possessing the fabled powers of her maternal line.

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2018 Reading Plans

With those reflection posts out the way, it’s time to make plans for the new year. My hope is that it’ll be a thrifty year, reading-wise, because my plan is to mainly read more of the books I own and to buy less books. I’d like to cut the amount I spent on books last year by more than half.

Surprisingly to me, I did pretty well on my reading goals in 2017 and managed to complete 4 of the many reading challenges I participated in. Usually, I’d only successfully complete 1 or none. I’ve also been debating whether or not it makes sense for me to participate in reading challenges since I’m never an active participant in them. I do not create separate posts for updates or follow up on the hosts’ blog to state my progress or engage in conversations on Twitter about what I’m reading for the challenge and how well it’s all going. I basically just state that I’m participating then go off and do it all on my own (or not do it, which is usually the case) like the loner I am.

However, I do find it fun to state that I’m participating and make TBRs (though I never follow them) so….I’ll continue with my mad process. Speaking of which, here are the reading challenges I’ll participate in this year and the books I’ll read for them:

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2017 End of Year Book Survey

Yeahie!! The End of Year Book Survey is back! 😀 I enjoy doing this survey though it’s very long (which makes me like it even more) and I enjoy reading others’ responses to them too (because I get book recommendations). So shout out to Jamie, the Perpetual Page-Turner, for creating it.

Number of books read: 74

Books: 30

Audio books: 13

E-books: 15

Comics/graphic novels: 15

Mangas: 1

Number of books reread: 17

Number of books I didn’t finish: 9

Genre I read the most: Fantasy

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ZeZee’s Favorite Reads of 2017

My intention was to post this favorites list on December 31, but time got away from me. I was enjoying myself too much working, traveling, and partying with friends and family and didn’t get the chance to write this list of favorites.

I enjoy writing and reading these best-of-year lists because I get great recommendations from them. As I said last year when I did a similar list, “the books included in these end-of-year favorites lists are ones that have great staying power. They are ones that readers often reminisce on throughout the year and might even consider rereading.” I still believe that and I chose the books on this list with those words in mind.

I couldn’t stop at the usual 10 books for these lists and instead chose 15 books. I placed them in the following categories: fiction, nonfiction, and other, which includes picture books and comics. The books are listed in the order I read them.


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Book Haul #42: My Last

That is I hope this will be my last for a very long time because my plan at the moment is to spend less so I can pay off a good portion of my student loans so I can go live my life and do what I want. I tell this to everyone I know, so I’m saying it here too to get it out my system and hopefully make it a reality. So no unnecessary spending. I’ll only purchase a book when I have a coupon AND if there’s a book I really want. With that said, here’s the last of the books I purchased this year.

Comic books

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