2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Fourth Quarter

Fall is not my best time to read. I didn’t read as many books as I did in the prior quarters. The fall months are my busiest at work and because of that I was often too tired to pick up a book. Plus, I discovered an online game that I got so hooked on that I often forgot to read. Also fall is a time for great TV shows to premier so I was distracted by those too. Basically these were the months of distractions because that’s all I engaged in. Anyways, here are what I read.

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2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Third Quarter

It seems that the summer months are the best time for me to read. So far, I’ve read the most books during that time. Since I’ve started to pay close attention to what I read, I’ve noticed that I haven’t read as many magazines this year as I did last year, though I’ve tried. I guess this year is simply the year of books. Plus, since engaging more in the online book community, I’ve learned of so many great books that it’s hard to not want to acquire and read them immediately.

As for my Goodreads reading goal, I’ve since surpassed it. My goal was to read 30 books and I’ve read 48 thus far, well, 47.5 books since I did not finish one. As for the other reading challenges, I’m not doing so great because I keep forgetting about them.

Anyways, here are the books. They are linked to the reviews I’ve written. The articles are linked to their respective websites.

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2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Second Quarter

You might have realized this but it news to me that my quarters are off. I calculated wrong, which makes sense because I’m not the best at math, but the quarters will be righted by the next wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of September.

In my first quarter wrap-up post, I spoke about not reading enough and being a slow reader. I guess that post helped my reading speed because it has increased, and now I’m way behind on reviews. Crashing the Write Those Reviews Party didn’t even help, mostly because I had family in town and my work life got a bit crazy. But I’m not complaining about this increase in speed because there are a ton of books I’d love to read right this minute and sometimes I feel as if I won’t ever get to read ALL the books I want to read in my lifetime.

As for what I read, the majority are books with a few comics/graphic novels sprinkled throughout. I didn’t read any magazines but I did read a few articles.

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2015 Reading Wrap-Up: First Quarter

I can’t deny it any longer. I’ve become a slow reader. I’ve barely gotten ahead of my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 30 books. For the first quarter of the year, I’ve read 14 books and 4 magazines. The year started off slow with mostly magazines. I felt like I was heading for a reading slump because of my lack of concentration and limited reading time.

The older you get, the less time you have to read, unfortunately; and it’s even harder these days because of Netflix. Sorry for blaming you, dear Netflix, but I’m so addicted. Or rather, I was. Giving it up for Lent helped me to curb my addiction but unfortunately, I still find it hard to secure time to read. When at home, my mind constantly wanders to things I could be doing — people to call, chores to do, things to watch. Hence it’s no surprise that the majority of reading I did so far this year was done outside my home either while travelling on trains and buses or while reclining in a hotel.

However, the bright side to all this is that I am reading more deeply and reflecting on the things I read. So I guess I’m getting greater quality out of the decreased quantity of my reads. Anyways, here is a quarter-year roundup since I don’t read much to do a monthly one.

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