Weekend Reads #58: Freedom to Read Tag

Weekend Reads is a weekly post in which I discuss a variety of topics and mention the books I plan to read on the weekend. In honor of Banned Books Week in the United States, September 25 – October 1, I’ve decided to do the Freedom to Read Tag, which was created earlier this year by Canadian booktubers for Canada’s Freedom to Read Week, a reading event that I find to be similar to Banned Books Week. Both promote access to books.

Banned Books Week is a much needed campaign to promote freedom to read in the U.S. as well as highlight problems with censorship. I understand that some parents would rather not expose their children to certain topics, however, I do not believe it is their right to impose their beliefs on other children. Of course, maintaining the innocence of children isn’t the only reason why books are banned. Reasons for banning books are myriad. I, however, believe it’s best to share knowledge and experiences so that people can make more informed decisions and gain greater understanding of what is going on in the world, what occurs in other nations and what others have endured. Banning books won’t obscure reality; it only makes it easier for one to turn a blind eye to problems in the community.

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Book News Roundup: Prizes, Censorship, Bans, and Sequels

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts and it probably would have been a while longer before I did one but the Man Booker Prize Winner was recently announced and I’m excited about it so I thought I’d share the good news. Guess who won?

Marlon James won the 2015 Man Booker Prize

Marlon James Man Booker Prize

If you’ve read my recent posts, then you’re not surprised that I’m excited about this. On Tuesday, October 13, it was announced that James’s recent novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings, was named winner of the Man Booker Prize.

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