“Greyborn Rising” by Derry Sandy

Here’s a paranormal novel set in the Caribbean that includes creatures from Caribbean folklore. There are jumbies, soucouyants, lagahoos, and a nefarious obeah man intent on letting in more monsters from the Grey.

(Btw, I know the author and received a free copy of the book to read and review; but my thoughts below are my honest reaction to the story.)


Paranormal; Fantasy





Goodreads summary:

The Greyborn are Rising and only the Order can save humankind.

The world consists of three parallel realms; the Grey where Greyborn—preternatural creatures of legend live; the Ether which is the realm of Heaven and Hell; and the Absolute where humans make their home, blissfully unaware of the tripartite nature of their world.

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Fantasy Book Feature: “Greyborn Rising” by Derry Sandy

Y’all! Someone I know wrote a book and I’m featuring it for today’s post because it’s a fantasy novel, so it totally works for #WyrdandWonder. I haven’t yet read it, but read on to see if it interests you.

Greyborn Rising is a debut fantasy novel by Derry Sandy, a corporate lawyer based in Washington, DC. Sandy draws on his Trinidadian roots to craft this story that’s set in Trinidad and includes creatures from Caribbean folklore, such as the soucouyant, a shapshifter that sucks people’s blood.

Here are more details about the book:

Greyborn Rising by Derry Sandy
Pubbed: May 6, 2019 by CaribbeanReads
Genre: Fantasy

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