“Storm Front” by Jim Butcher

Here’s another book I read some time ago — back in June, in fact. It’s one I’ve often heard mentioned in the fantasy sphere, so I decided to finally try it when I was at a loss about what next to borrow from the library.


Urban fantasy


Dresden Files, book 1




Storm Front is urban fantasy and the first novel in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. It follows a wizard for hire named Harry Dresden (Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, to be exact), who uses his wizardly skills to help people find things… or other people. I thought of him as a wizardly private investigator. He even pitches in at the Chicago police department sometimes. For this story, he’s helping a woman find her husband, who seems to have gotten mixed up in some dark magic doings, and helping his detective friend (a woman whose name I forgot) solve a series of grisly murders that seem to point to Harry as the probable perpetrator. (Goodreads)

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