“The Castle of Llyr” by Lloyd Alexander

The Castle of Llyr
Of the books I’ve read so far in this series, this is the first cover I like.

The army of the dead has been defeated and the black cauldron destroyed so what’s left to be done? Send Eilonwy to learn how to be a lady, of course. And so another adventure in The Chronicles of Prydain begins.

“I want to be recognized!” Eilonwy cried. “I want to be me!”

Quick summary:

Eilonwy is not rotten, but she’s no lady either. She seems to have become a bit of tomboy so the enchanter Dallben sends her off to the Isle of Mona to be refined by Queen Teleria, though Eilonwy doesn’t see why refinement is needed. Taran and Gurgi accompany her on her journey overseas on the clumsy Prince Rhun’s ship.

The journey was horrible for Taran. Not only was he battling his feelings about Eilonwy’s leaving, but he often found himself at the receiving end of the prince’s clumsiness, which became more of a nuisance once they reached their destination. After being introduced to the king and queen, Taran and Gurgi are reunited with Fflewddur Fflam, who got bored of being king and went back to being a bard, for the time. He also meets Gwydion, who has disguised himself as a shoemaker while he inquires of Achren of the Spiral Castle, who’s still at large and a danger to Eilonwy.

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