“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien

a classic

This is the first novel I’ve read by J.R.R. Tolkien and I love it. This is the third time that I am reading the The Hobbit and it is just as exciting and entertaining as the first.

Quick summary:

The story opens with the main character, Bilbo Baggins, a lovable hobbit who resides in a warm, cozy hole in The Hill at Bag-End. By opening the story this way, Tolkien introduces the readers to hobbits, educating them on who and what hobbits are. Turns out that hobbits are just like us humans, though not noisy and ignorant of the beauty of nature. Also, hobbits are much more good natured. Though sometimes seen as silly and ignorant, from Bilbo it is learned that hobbits are tough and are surprisingly brave. Which is why Gandalf the Grey sends Bilbo on an adventure with Thorin Oakenshield (I love that name) and his band of dwarves to rescue their mountain from the dragon Smaug. Along the way, the group encounter various dangerous adventures and Bilbo makes new friends. He also happens to pick up a magic ring that turns him invisible and at the same time gained the enmity of a tortured creature called Gollum.

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