“The Fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Whew! Boy did this book take a long time to finish!

Towards the end, I began to get impatient with the narration, which focused most intensely on descriptions of the landscape. Though I understand the importance of these descriptions to the overall work, my appreciation for them fell short when I was about 300-100 pages from the end and all I wanted to do was close the book with a feeling of completion.

I enjoyed the story, but the narration drove me nuts sometimes, as I’ve mentioned before. The descriptions of the landscape and nature just seemed to drag on and on at the slowest pace imaginable. However, I fervently gobbled up all the action parts and dialogues.

There is so much in this book — facts, descriptions, and the lengthy story — that I now feel like I need to take a siesta from reading for a while. My mind is still broadcasting images from Middle-earth and is especially focused on what it believes Lothlorien and Rivendell to look like. The poems are still buzzing in my head and the fear of Sauron and the scare at the end caused by Boromir still cause me to shiver a bit.

I view this book as one of those that a person has to read with an intent. A person has to say to herself, “I am going to read this book and I will not stop until I get to the last page.” That’s what I had to do because the magnitude of descriptions provided made reading an arduous task at times. The first time that I picked up The Fellowship of the Ring to read (sometimes I just pick it up to admire), I gave up a quarter of the way into it because I did not have the patience to push through the descriptions. But this time, with the intention to read the entire thing so that I can truthfully say that I read it, I was able to complete the novel.

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