Cool Cakes on Cake Wrecks and Mental_Floss

Here are some cool cakes that I saw on Cake Wrecks and Mental_Floss websites:

Check out the other cakes on Cake Wrecks

The theme for this Cake Wrecks post is “back to school.” This is my favorite because of how realistic it is. I have a hard time believing it is a cake. It looks like a real calculator. If there were numbers on the screen, I probably wouldn’t believe it’s a cake at all. Make sure to check out the other cakes here.

Check out the other cakes on Mental_Floss

This cake is from Mental_Floss’ “11 Cakes Inspired by Comic Books” post. This one was my favorite. It has Wonder Woman busting out of her comic book and becoming real. It’s an awesome cake. Very creative. Check out the other 10 cakes here.

“15 Spectacular Libraries in Europe” — Mental Floss

This article is filled with pictures of the most beautiful architecture that I’ve ever seen. I found the article on the Mental Floss magazine website.

I could not study or read in any of the libraries on this list. I would instead spend my time walking around the building and admiring the work, the design, of the architecture. I would feel as if I couldn’t touch anything because a graze of my finger might leave a smudge that would disturb the perfection of the building.

Click here to read the article and see the pictures.