2017 Reading Wrap-Up: First Quarter

My reading progress this quarter was marked by indecisiveness. I couldn’t decide on what to read, so I kept starting books instead of completing them. Despite that, I managed to read 18 books, but that was helped along by audio books, which I’ve learned are pretty quick to get through, and comic books, which are usually fast reads. Thus I’m almost half done with my Goodreads reading goal of 40 books. I decided to go easy on myself. Anyway, here are the stats for this quarter.

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2016 Reading Wrap-Up: Fourth Quarter

Here’s the second of many wrap-ups that will be posted on this blog over the next few days. The following is a quick summary of the books and comics I read in the last quarter of 2016. I finished the year pretty strong by reading 24 things, but many of them were quite short or were audio books, so I got through them very quickly.

I started the year intending to read 60 books, but was discouraged in the early months and dropped my reading goal to 30 books. However by the end of the second quarter, I was doing so well that I bumped it back up to 60 and now, at the end of the year, I’m able to end with a strong 88 books read, which includes comics and audio books. I’m a pretty happy booknerd at the moment. 😀

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2016 Reading Wrap-Up: Third Quarter

It’s the end of the third quarter of the year and my reading is still going strong. I bumped up my Goodreads goal from 30 to 60 and have since completed it. It was much easier to accomplish my reading goal this year since I’ve started to read comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books, which have all become my new favorite media to consume.

My reading slowed down a bit this quarter, however, because life got busy. But as I was drafting this, I realized I read more than I thought I did.

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2016 Reading Wrap-Up: Second Quarter

It’s the end of the second quarter of the year and my reading is way better than I expected. I even bumped my Goodreads reading goal back up to 60. That is, I must read 60 things this year (books, magazines, comics, etc.). This quarter was even better than the first. I didn’t realize I read this much until I did this wrapup.

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2016 Reading Wrap-Up: First Quarter

It’s my first reading wrap-up for the year and I’m off to a good start. I didn’t expect this. I thought my reading progress this year would be slow, so I dropped my initial reading goal of 60 books to 30. But now that I’m halfway to meeting the new goal, I think it best to bump it back up to 60.

Yea, March isn’t done yet. But I’m sure I won’t complete anything new before the 31st so I decided to post this wrap up now.

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2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Fourth Quarter

Fall is not my best time to read. I didn’t read as many books as I did in the prior quarters. The fall months are my busiest at work and because of that I was often too tired to pick up a book. Plus, I discovered an online game that I got so hooked on that I often forgot to read. Also fall is a time for great TV shows to premier so I was distracted by those too. Basically these were the months of distractions because that’s all I engaged in. Anyways, here are what I read.

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2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Third Quarter

It seems that the summer months are the best time for me to read. So far, I’ve read the most books during that time. Since I’ve started to pay close attention to what I read, I’ve noticed that I haven’t read as many magazines this year as I did last year, though I’ve tried. I guess this year is simply the year of books. Plus, since engaging more in the online book community, I’ve learned of so many great books that it’s hard to not want to acquire and read them immediately.

As for my Goodreads reading goal, I’ve since surpassed it. My goal was to read 30 books and I’ve read 48 thus far, well, 47.5 books since I did not finish one. As for the other reading challenges, I’m not doing so great because I keep forgetting about them.

Anyways, here are the books. They are linked to the reviews I’ve written. The articles are linked to their respective websites.

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