Break From the Books: Beenie Man & Bounty Killer #Verzuz battle

I’m taking a break from books and bookish things to talk about the epic event I witnessed this past weekend. An event that I sorely needed during this dull corona time since I’m staying home, as advised, and thus am unable to attend any summer parties or other events. And I’m SO happy this event happened on Memorial Day weekend (in the U.S.) as a replacement (to me) of the events that are cancelled due to corona.

But you must be wondering what event I’m talking about (if you didn’t read this title of this post). Well, it’s the latest episode of Timbaland and Swizz Beatz’s Verzuz battle on Instagram. This time it was between two great Jamaican performers, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Yo!! I was BEYOND excited for this!! I grew up listening to their songs. I was a kid when the competition (the war) between them was fierce, but I still remember the hype around their clashes and I still love their songs.

It was great to see them on stage together again, performing together and entertaining people. OH MY GOSH!! This performance was SO needed and so good. Great songs, nuff jokes, and good vibes. Man, I LOVE IT!!

I had to share it on here. I had to take a break from all di book dem and share this bit of my culture.

There were SO many great moments too!! I loved that they began it by playing the Jamaican national anthem, I loved the back and forth between the artists (like a clash!!), I loved the dancing, I loved the shout-outs (especially when they shout out Rihanna, who was tuning in. That was hilarious!) The part with the police tho!! YO!! That’s how you know a party is good: Babylon come through trying to shut it down. (Lol!)

Oh man! It was great. If you love Jamaican dancehall music, check it out. If you love any music, check it. If you want something entertaining, something hype, check it out. If you love hip-hop, def check it out. Hip-hop was born out of Jamaican dancehall. Just check it out, man, and enjoy it. 🙂

If I had to choose one as the winner, I’d say Bounty Killer took this. He was so entertaining! Beenie Man is my dude. I LOVE his songs and he did great too (him and him belly 😀 ), but Bounty tek it fi mi!


Queen Book Tag

It’s Tuesday. Tuesdays suck but not as much as Mondays, so to cheer myself up, I’m doing another Queen-inspired book tag because who doesn’t like Queen. Just listening to a song like the one below is sure to get you pumped and immediately brighten your day.

I found this tag on Stripped Cover Lit, a booktube channel I subscribed to a couple weeks ago. I love their content, especially their Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series where they read the books and have a critical discussion about them.

The tag was created by Josh at Literary Gladiators, a booktube channel I’m unfamiliar with but will check out soon as I’m done typing this up, in observance of the late Freddie Mercury’s 70th birthday, which was on September 5.

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Taunting Thursday

Here I am with a Taunting Thursday post. In other words, a random-ass post. But taunting is a perfect description for Thursday because Thursday hints at Friday, which is almost here, and we are all happily anticipating the arrival of Friday because that means WEEKEND!!! Unless, of course, you work in retail and have to work on Saturday in which case you’re dreading Friday because everyone who doesn’t work on Saturdays shops on Saturdays and are a nag on Saturdays especially in the morning.

That’s what Thursdays make me think about.

It’s such a nag, Thursdays. Work takes longer, your boss finds obscure things for you to do, the heel of the shoe you’ve been wearing all week breaks, and once you start to think you’ve got a little reprieve from the bone-wearying week, you remember that one errand you had to run on Monday but forgot to and has now escalated into something more tedious.

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Tessanne Chin WINS The Voice

Tessanne is the Voice!
Tessanne is the Voice!

I just want to share my excitement. I am so happy that my country comes first again. Tessanne Chin wins The Voice!!! 🙂 Mi just love it when the whole Jamaica come together fi push we one another forward. Congrats to Chinita Goodaz!! 😀

Performing the last song for the night, written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.
Performing the last song for the night, written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.