“The Serpent’s Shadow” by Rick Riordan

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I eagerly awaited the release of this novel but I did not enjoy it as much as I did the previous installments in the Kane Chronicles series. It was unmemorable. After I was done reading, I didn’t savor it as I usually did whenever I finished a book. Usually I would close the book, recline, and replay/review what I had read in my head, playing the parts that I favored in slow motion, fast-forwarding through others. But when I was done with The Serpent’s Shadow, it quickly became an afterthought and I was ready to move on to something new.

Quick summary:

In The Serpent’s Shadow, the world is about to end again and Sadie and Carter has a limited time to stop it. Apophis, god of chaos wants to take out Ma’at by swallowing the sun god, Ra, and drowning the world in a swarming sea of chaos. To prevent this, Carter and Sadie must execrate Apophis by trapping his shadow, which is a part of his soul. To do this, they have to save the ghost of an evil magician, Setne, from a dire judgment, bring back the soul of their god-friend Bes to his body (a great way to practice before tackling Apophis), find the book of Thoth, tackle some demons, and semi-lose their friend, Walt. I say semi-lose here because (SPOILER!!) Walt is supposed to die and he does, but since both he and Anubis (god of the dead) wants to be with Sadie (I have no idea why), they decide to share a body so that Walt can live to be with Sadie and Anubis can also be with her through Walt (Anubis is not allowed to be with her as a god) (anyways, creepy). Since they defeated Apophis and banished chaos, severe chaos I guess, the gods of Ma’at (order) are also banished since both are connected. In effect, the gods are exiled.

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