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Sims Freeplay

For the past couple months, or rather, since receiving my Ipad mini, I’ve been hooked on Sims Freeplay. I can’t stop playing. Some times I play it so often that I have to take a break, but after a few weeks I’m back on it. It’s such fun! I just wish my Sims had more clothes and that the game didn’t cost so much to play (if you want all the cool stuff).

When I came across this tag on YouTube, I was elated. Not only had I found another Sims fan, but that fan had created a tag based on the crazy Sims. Yeahie! 😀 The tag was created by Hailey at Hails Hearts Nyc.

The original Sims: the best author debut.

Unfortunately, I haven’t played any other Sims games except the Freeplay one, which I find very convenient. Actually, it’s the only thing I use my Ipad for.

The question doesn’t specify whether it means an author whose debut novel was published this year or an author’s best debut in general. I’ll go with the best debut novel I read this year and that’s —

Anna and the Swallow Man 1

Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt young-adult, historical novel set during World War II.

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