“Taran Wanderer” by Lloyd Alexander

Taran Wanderer
The evil wizard reminded me of Voldemort in many ways.

Another adventure in the Chronicles of Prydain series. This time, Taran embarks on a quest to discover who he is and where he’s from.

Quick summary:

This installment picks up shortly after The Castle of Llyr. Eilonwy is still on the Isle of Mona learning to be a lady but Taran is back at Caer Dallben. He misses Eilonwy and wants to be worthy of her hand so he begins to inquire about his origins. He first sets out for the Marshes of Morva because who better to tell him who he is if not Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch.

But lack of a fair trade leaves Taran more puzzled about his origins than before. The witches try to help by telling him of another way he can get the answers he wants. Apparently, there is a magic mirror in the Free Commots, a land in where people govern themselves, that could possibly give Taran the answers he seeks. Taran and Gurgi set off for the magic mirror and have several adventures along the way. They traverse King Smoit’s land for some time, where they find Fflewddur, who decides to accompany them on their quest since he’s not yet ready to return to his own lands. While in King Smoit’s kingdom, Taran helps him resolve a grievance between two troublesome lords that almost lead to war. Taran’s show of wisdom makes King Smoit respect him even more.

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Weekend Reads #6: I wander with Taran while caressing Talon

I’ve decided to continue with this meme on my own since the Goodreads group wasn’t updated for June. I tried to find a meme with the same title but that was unsuccessful, and I considered switching to one of the many Friday Reads memes but I like the photo I’ve created above and I don’t feel like changing. Plus I’m lazy. Anyways, the post:

The question for this weekend:

I’ll develop these questions on my own with inspiration from elsewhere. If you have any suggestions, please drop them below. And please feel free to join in.

What is your major bookish quirk?

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