August Readathons | Tome Topple, Reading Quest, Bout of Books

Aentee, the creative bloggess behind Read at Midnight, has created another awesome readathon that I want to participate in (and will actually read books for).

Last year at the height of the Pokemon Go craze, she hosted the Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon, which greatly appealed to me because I loved the Pokemon TV show. I made a TBR for the Pokemon readathon but didn’t have time to read any of the books, so I failed. But that won’t happen this time! I intend to be a Mage by the end of this Reading Quest.

Let me back up and explain.

This year Aentee is hosting a Reading Quest, where readers (I’ll call us “heroes”) embark on a journey to conquer their TBR pile through a series of stages. The quest is for 4 weeks, starting Sunday, August 13, and ending Sunday, September 10.

Heroes must choose one of the following paths:

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Book Haul #29: Used & New

…And I’m back with a book haul post. Here are all the books I’ve acquired recently. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen them already. Oh well.

Used books


I don’t usually buy used books but these were in such great condition that I grabbed them. I picked up The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd because I saw lots of rave reviews for it last year, and I got Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley, with illustrations by Douglas Gorsline, because I heard it’s a book that book lovers will enjoy. I think I first heard of it on the Book Riot Youtube channel.

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Autumn Reading Tag

It’s Friday. Yeahie. I’m fucking exhausted. The damn week was longer than usual and I worked my ass off every day of it.

I’ve decided to do another book tag because I’m much too tired to do any of the other posts I had in mind. Times like this, I’m glad for book tags. Plus, usually by the end of the tag I’d have shed the foul mood I started it in. Hopefully it works this time too.

I saw this one going around for a while now and decided to do it because, well, it’s autumn. Why not.

It was created by the booktuber Amy Jane Smith.

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Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon

Pokémon is taking over the world and though I haven’t hopped on the Pokémon Go bandwagon, I am taking advantage of as many of the Pokémon bookish festivities as I can because I enjoyed the Pokémon cartoons and I love books.

I discovered the #ReadThemAllThon, hosted by Aentee at Read at Midnight, a week or so ago and decided to join in because this readathon is stretched over 3 weeks (Sunday, August 14, to Sunday, September 4). Though it requires us to read 8 books during those 3 weeks, the possibility that I’ll complete a book or two is higher with this readathon than the usual week-long readathons.

Aentee has created this readathon to match Ash’s quest in the first season of the Pokémon cartoons when he strives to compete in Kanto’s Indigo League competitions. But instead of fighting in gym battles, we will be reading books. However, Aentee has also structured this readathon to include Pokémons so that the amount of books we read as well as the extent to which we participate in other activities (tweeting, posting reviews, etc.) will determine how our chosen Pokémon will evolve. I think that’s awesome!

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Intimidating TBR Tag

I’ve wanted to do this tag since I first saw it on Lindsey Rey’s channel on YouTube. She created it but has taken down the video and is no longer producing videos so I’m unable to link to her channel. But, I consider myself tagged by Jah at Books Beyond Measure, who did this tag a couple weeks ago.

What book have you been unable to finish?

I have three, which I’m embarrassed about because I’ve been reading them for a couple years now. But I keep either reading a few pages and putting the book down or restarting the book. Anyways, they are:

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